Where I want to be…

My answer to this is pretty much always “Walking on the beach.”

But i’m content where i am right now.  Lots of pleasant things happening, MP’s health is a bit better, lots of planning happening, changes and challenges at work… life is good.  (i think i just answered tomorrow’s prompt but that’s ok.)

Also – RS, who had ghosted on us, is back.  Acknowledging that he shouldn’t have waited so long to respond.  Suggesting we (all three of us) have lunch.

i am less excited about it now than i was at first, but still interested.  Or curious anyhow.  It’s kind of nice to be less excited about it too, i feel like i can make a more informed decision.

So yeah, where i am is pretty much where i want to be.


5 thoughts on “Where I want to be…

  1. If where you are just now is making you happy and content, then I’m all for it! 😀 It’s knowing that you have permission…and perhaps the obligation?…to change the situation if you are not in a good place with it. I’m really happy that things ARE falling into place, that the ‘harder’ things aren’t too overwhelming, and that the good things are really good.

    hugs n love,


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