I had not thought about positions in a while. They came to mind today and I had to look up Gor slave positions, just for the fun of it. I found this delightful description of training poses, which both appalls and thrills me. Slave Positions Gor slave material still gives me the guilty pleasure that … Continue reading Positions


(With apologies to M for not writing "something for us to enjoy.") 🙄 😘 Things I appreciate today: My weekend away!! Omg, soooo much.While I was away, I did this ritual I saw on the Daily OM to clear my chakras. It was pretty lovely. I'm settling into my new normal. I seem to have … Continue reading Thanksgiving

So I Ran Away Too…

Yep. Packed up my bags and am spending a weekend in a motel on the beach. Not spending time with anybody, carry-out food only, just me, walking on the beach and soaking in the stillness. No, I have not met anyone interesting, much less kinky. But that’s ok.


That whoosh is the sound of life rushing by me. I mean, I guess it's carrying me along with it. But still. Work is heating up quickly, which is good but takes some real adjusting to. It feels much more structured than anything I've done in a long time. Which is good, or at least … Continue reading Whoosh…

Run Away Part 4

Phoenix closed the door behind her, smiling to herself. That had been an unexpected surprise. Sir Simon. Interesting. She half danced out onto her balcony, humming softly to herself. Lunch tomorrow. Nice. She wanted to know more about him. It was late and she wanted to be up early, so she told the ocean good … Continue reading Run Away Part 4