Look at this tree. That tree has survived hurricanes and probably droughts and who knows what else, and there it is. So perfectly beautiful. Look at those limbs. Wouldn't a tree house up there be lovely? I thought that was a perfect tree. Then I saw this one. This one leans a bit. You can … Continue reading Trees

Fantasy Snippet

"Kneel," he says. I obey, lowering myself carefully. I am at his feet, his hand strokes my hair. I shiver with pleasure. "You've been a bit neglected, I think," he says. With a laugh, he adds, "You won't be neglected here. Disciplined, yes. Punished when appropriate, rewarded when you earn it. The paddle may bring … Continue reading Fantasy Snippet

Letting It Go

I was having a lovely Sunday afternoon, for no particular reason, until a minor household crisis arose. I sprang into action and, with MP's help, devised a solution. I could have been pleased at our successful planning. We haven't implemented yet, but we know what we need to do and he's heading out to get … Continue reading Letting It Go