Or Not

And I canceled the subscription. Can't do it. No dating apps for me. It was too awkward. Not that I actually talked to anybody. But I had to decide when I was going to talk about MP, and no matter how I pictured that, it didn't feel right. There is just no way to say, … Continue reading Or Not

The Man

”May I touch?” He asks. It is my body he’s talking about, but he’s not asking for permission from me. He’s asking the man who has put me in this situation. And he nods, “of course,” he says. I say he had put me in this situation, and that is partly true, but I have … Continue reading The Man

The Supplicant

He sat quietly behind his desk. She stood in front of him, hands clasped behind her back, eyes down. Waiting. Time passed, just minutes, she thought, but they seemed long. She knew, without raising her eyes, that he was watching her. She hoped the dress she was wearing hit the right note of pleasing without … Continue reading The Supplicant