FFF – 4-13

Reporting in - my scale is still in a box somewhere, one of the 3 or 4 left that say "Bathroom."  We're losing some bathroom space in this move, which is why one reason everything is not unpacked yet.  Also because there are a million boxes. Ok, not a million - but honestly 100.  I … Continue reading FFF – 4-13

Vacay Day 2

Yesterday, i got lots of packing done, which is good, and felt good.  Then i read an entire book in the Alpha and Omega series.  This is a 5 book series (so far) connected to the Mercy Thompson series that Jz referenced.  i just re-read the whole series - Mercy included - as a prelude … Continue reading Vacay Day 2

FFF – 4-6

My scale is packed - i don't know if i lost, gained, or stayed the same.  Stay tuned til next week for any big announcements on that! I'm only part way through the week with my Fitbit so i'm going to be reporting the step count from last week each time i check in.  The … Continue reading FFF – 4-6