Vacay Day 2

Yesterday, i got lots of packing done, which is good, and felt good.  Then i read an entire book in the Alpha and Omega series.  This is a 5 book series (so far) connected to the Mercy Thompson series that Jz referenced.  i just re-read the whole series – Mercy included – as a prelude to the last book that was just released.  It was lovely.

Friday night, we went out as planned with my sister and her husband, but my new (and only) friend i’ve made here came too – and we had a really wonderful time.   She’s funny and smart and sensitive and has some wisdom of her own.  She and my sister hit it off, MP likes her, it was a blast.

Today is the final packing day, and we’ll probably move some stuff to the new place ahead of time.  i have no idea what i’ll do for myself today – but i’m sure i’ll figure something out.

i’m intrigued by some articles on Chakras that fondles posted links to on her blog – maybe doing something with that is on my agenda for today.  I did the meditation exercise they describe, but am not sure i really got in touch with my Chakras.  I’ve been trying to think of a the best (easiest) way to record some brief meditations like that, so i can do them without having to stop and read what comes next.  I think i could just do it on Photo Booth (on my Mac) but am not sure how to store them for easy access.  Plus, I’d really like to just have audio, I don’t need a video of me doing it.

Anyhow.  That would be kind of fun and maybe there will be a chance – maybe I’ll carve out time  – to play with that later.

In other news, next Sunday there’s a munch – well, they call it a “social” here – but it’s a dinner gathering of kinky folks.   You have to go to one of these to be able to go to a play party.  The price of going is that i’ll have to have the long postponed chat with MP.   This isn’t the last chance to do it, it’s kind of the first.  But it might be the right time to bite the bullet and do it.  We’ll see.


12 thoughts on “Vacay Day 2

  1. My now-deceased ex-wife #2 was a Healing Touch Practitioner. She was a great one for telling my Chakras were out of balance. I actually think there is something to be said for Eastern concepts of health that work on principles like Chakras. Your pursuit is commendable. Enjoy your day.

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    • Thanks, Amy. You know, MP is not my Dom, so it’s not really up to him. My plan is for him to not go, but I could possibly be talked out of that. We’ll see… and maybe I won’t even go Sigh.


  2. thanks for the mention. i STILL haven’t peel the wrapper off my chakra roll ons yet. I’m feeling rushed and didn’t want to get started with 57 things on my mind. Let me know if you find a meditation audio clip that works… i’ll share it on the FFF post too.


    • Yeah, I wouldn’t rush into that either. I mean part of the point is to be in touch with yourself and you can’t really do that if you’re distracted. I will look for a video or audio clip to share!


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