Possibility of sexually explicit and kinky content ahead. Possibly not.  But if you're under 18, or don't like kinky sex, please leave immediately. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Real Talk

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes, and thank you for all the reassurance that being old doesn't mean washed up or worthless. I promise I agree with you on that! And at the same time, I have to say this. Cause if I can't talk about this here, I don't know where … Continue reading Real Talk

The Massage II

Hands on her ass then, her lover's or one of the other men, she didn't know. She moaned softly, it felt so good. Firm but sensual, they parted her cheeks and oiled hands stroked her crack. She had been waxed the day before and so her skin was smooth and hairless. Fingers circled, rubbed, caressed … Continue reading The Massage II

The Massage

Lying on the table, she smiled as the hands on her calves massaged firmly, the scented oil warming her skin. She had never imagined herself in this situation, but so far it was lovely. The hands continued to work their way up her thighs slowly, and she moaned. “You like that?” It was her lover’s … Continue reading The Massage

Good Night

That’s it’s. Today the grands were off school and their mama had to work late. They stayed home, I worked and took care of them. We had another great day, but I’m sooooo tired. Good night, friends.