I have turned out to be a controlling old hag. I won't give details 'cause it doesn't matter, but over and over this year, I've had to notice my own tendency to want to manage how other people live their lives. Um, particularly all these people I live with. It's how I manage my anxiety. … Continue reading Control

Sunday Love

Poetry. That kind of love. It's a day for poetry, and I don't think this was written as a poem, and yet it is one. If you can't see the image, it's a picture with three birds and some greenery. It reads “Once upon a time, when women were birds, there was the simple understanding … Continue reading Sunday Love


Look at this tree. That tree has survived hurricanes and probably droughts and who knows what else, and there it is. So perfectly beautiful. Look at those limbs. Wouldn't a tree house up there be lovely? I thought that was a perfect tree. Then I saw this one. This one leans a bit. You can … Continue reading Trees

Fantasy Snippet

"Kneel," he says. I obey, lowering myself carefully. I am at his feet, his hand strokes my hair. I shiver with pleasure. "You've been a bit neglected, I think," he says. With a laugh, he adds, "You won't be neglected here. Disciplined, yes. Punished when appropriate, rewarded when you earn it. The paddle may bring … Continue reading Fantasy Snippet

Letting It Go

I was having a lovely Sunday afternoon, for no particular reason, until a minor household crisis arose. I sprang into action and, with MP's help, devised a solution. I could have been pleased at our successful planning. We haven't implemented yet, but we know what we need to do and he's heading out to get … Continue reading Letting It Go