A Hot Mess

This is one of my favorite terms - don't ask me why. Or, you can ask me, but I don't know why. It's just so delightfully descriptive. I had to look it up, of course, to make sure I knew what it meant. I found this definition: Hot mess is used to describe a particularly … Continue reading A Hot Mess


I think between my weekend away and my holiday weekend, which was lazy and pleasant, I've done a full reboot on my self. My tarot cards arrived today. They are lovely, and I'm looking forward to spending time with them and getting to know them. Here's the deck I got: It's called Earth Warriors Oracle, … Continue reading Rebooting


I had not thought about positions in a while. They came to mind today and I had to look up Gor slave positions, just for the fun of it. I found this delightful description of training poses, which both appalls and thrills me. Slave Positions Gor slave material still gives me the guilty pleasure that … Continue reading Positions


(With apologies to M for not writing "something for us to enjoy.") 🙄 😘 Things I appreciate today: My weekend away!! Omg, soooo much.While I was away, I did this ritual I saw on the Daily OM to clear my chakras. It was pretty lovely. I'm settling into my new normal. I seem to have … Continue reading Thanksgiving

So I Ran Away Too…

Yep. Packed up my bags and am spending a weekend in a motel on the beach. Not spending time with anybody, carry-out food only, just me, walking on the beach and soaking in the stillness. No, I have not met anyone interesting, much less kinky. But that’s ok.