The Man

”May I touch?” He asks. It is my body he’s talking about, but he’s not asking for permission from me. He’s asking the man who has put me in this situation. And he nods, “of course,” he says. I say he had put me in this situation, and that is partly true, but I have … Continue reading The Man

The Supplicant

He sat quietly behind his desk. She stood in front of him, hands clasped behind her back, eyes down. Waiting. Time passed, just minutes, she thought, but they seemed long. She knew, without raising her eyes, that he was watching her. She hoped the dress she was wearing hit the right note of pleasing without … Continue reading The Supplicant


That's what I feel like right now. Once again, I can sense the possibilities of the universe - or at least some possibilities for me. I am connecting with a community that understands trauma. I guess that sounds weird. But a truly trauma-informed setting can make us feel like we're being held gently, appreciated for … Continue reading Loading…

A Slave

As you may know, I am a huge fan of Slave Shae. If you don't follow her already, you may want to. I've become a bit addicted to the series of posts she's doing with a theme of being shared with a Dom she doesn't know, one whom her Mistress has loaned her to. Addicted … Continue reading A Slave

Hard Truths

So here’s a thing. Maya Angelou, I think, says, ”when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” I’m not always so good at that, but once I finally get there, I’m there. I was also raised to believe you don’t talk about family problems in public. Sometimes, I adhere to that, … Continue reading Hard Truths