About me

I’m a sixty sixty-three year old submissive woman.  Cis-gender.  White.  I’ve been involved in BDSM and actively seeking a committed D/s relationship off and on for 15 years.  More off than on these days.

My life partner and i have been together about four seven years.  We started out on a D/s path, and, with a little bit of back and forth, it’s come to a complete halt. I’m no longer looking for him or anyone else to lead me on that path.

I feel like I’ve faded in the last few years.  Somebody once told me that you can’t put a submissive girl on a shelf. leave her there for a long time, and then expect her to be the same when you come back.  i feel like I’ve been loved, but my submission has not been nurtured, or even acknowledged, for a long time.  I rarely even feel it anymore.  It’s still a sexual kink, but the rest of it is gone.

So I’m a life partner, (with no desire to be his wife), a mother of adult children, a grandmother, a life coach, a friend, a writer, a sister, and so on.  Living in a place I love, in a multi-generational household, with so much to be grateful for.  Just trying not to lose touch with myself completely…

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