About me

i’m a 60 year old submissive woman.  Cis-gender.  White.  i’ve been involved in BDSM and actively seeking a committed D/s relationship for 12 years.

My life partner and i have been together about 4 years.  We started out on a D/s path, but it’s come to a  halt – at least, i’m no longer looking to him to lead me on that path.  If he and i do find some kind of kink or D/s in our life together, that still won’t be the focus of this blog.

This is the story of a submissive on her own.  i’ll be looking at how to stay connected and engaged with my own submissive aspect and exploring the possibilities for emotional and spiritual growth on my own.  (If a submissive woman can even do that.)  i’ll be looking at how i engage with the world physically.  i’ll be working on being more of who i am.

i feel like i’ve faded in the last couple of years.  Somebody once told me that you can’t put a submissive girl on a shelf. leave her there for a long time, and then expect her to be the same when you come back.  i feel like i’ve been loved, but my submission has not been nurtured, or even acknowledged, for a long time.

So i’ve let go of the hope that my partner is going to do something different, and am trying to figure out what else might work for me.  i have no idea exactly what that will mean. Feel free to tell me what works for you.




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