The Tightrope

If I lean too far one way, I fall into the pit of despair. Ok that might be over-dramatizing a bit, but not a whole lot. In this direction lies the land of high anxiety, which for me quickly shifts to "whoopee, we're all gonna die." (To the tune of whatever-that-song-was at Woodstock. Yes, I'll … Continue reading The Tightrope

The Club

I know that I'm not alone in the belief that a good, strong Dom holds his submissive accountable in ways that we don't do for ourselves. The belief that with the help of that Dom, we would thrive and finally level up in the game of life. And if I had thought I was alone … Continue reading The Club

Happy Sunday

We have company - my sister and brother-in-law are here til Monday, so that's lovely. I'm awake a bit too early again, just hanging out with my coffee. I have a habit of saving things I really like on Facebook and then forgetting to ever go back to them. Today, I decided to look at … Continue reading Happy Sunday