FFF – 11-23

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, including acknowledging the genocide of indigenous people which underlies the establishment of this country.  Then we had a Thanksgiving feast and appreciated each other and the bounty in our lives.  It was just the 5 of us - me and Sir, my daughter and the grands - but we had a … Continue reading FFF – 11-23

FFF 11-16

157 - apparently, my chunky little self has locked into that weight.  I can't complain because I'm eating anything I want and not even moving much.  Like I was chained to my desk. 3,392 average steps.  Yep.  That's my sad little step count.  Not even half of my already low goal.  Sigh. Don't you love … Continue reading FFF 11-16

FFF 10-26

4,862.  That's my sad little average step count this week.  Ugh. Not enough. I'm not taking enough steps, not drinking enough water.   Not spending enough time on my classes or building my website.   Not spending enough time on my regular job.  Not writing enough.  Not managing my diet well enough.  Not sleeping enough. Not enough. … Continue reading FFF 10-26

FFF 10-19

And here we are again. Reporting in - step count is DOWN.  5,924.  Weight is UP.  I would like for that to be the other way around.  Ok, and maybe my weight is not actually up, but hovering around 156, 157.  Sigh.  I feel kind of old today.  When I look at the challenges ahead … Continue reading FFF 10-19