FFF – 9-7

It's Friday again - i have no idea where the week has gone.  Or maybe i do since I've been babysitting my grands since Tuesday, which has been lots of fun, and very demanding.  Um, as you parents of little ones already know.  Six year old and a three year old. Of course, they're at … Continue reading FFF – 9-7

FFF – 8-10-18

Here we go... reporting in.  Step count average was 5,341 - which is worse than last week, but not an all-time low.  Weight range is about the same, although I've actually seen a 157.something a few times.  I've been doing better on not over eating at night. I've been working on emptying boxes in the … Continue reading FFF – 8-10-18

FFF – 7-27

29,000.  Y'all.  That's my sad little step count for the week.  Sigh.  I've been in class 8 hours/day, from 11-7, and am just worn out.   Some days, I got 2,500 steps and just din't care.  Today is the last day of class, thank goodness, and we end at 4. My  neck is f'ed up … Continue reading FFF – 7-27