FFF 6-29 (on 6-30)

Because late is SOP these days… (Do people still use SOP for Standard Operating Procedure?)

Anyhow, reporting in, I don’t have a step count this week.  I broke the band on my Fitbit, ordered a new one, but got the wrong kind.  So I was going to go to Target to get the right one, but now I can’t find the Fitbit. Anywhere.  I took it out of the place I’d stashed it in my purse when the new bands came in – and now it’s gone.  This is the story of my life these days.

I need to start petitioning St Anthony on a regular basis – he always comes through for me.  But I feel a bit guilty about doing that since I’m not Catholic anymore. Talk about cherry-picking…can I ditch the pope and the priestly hierarchy and keep St. Anthony?

In other non-news, my weight is in the same range.  160.2 – 162.8.  Shrug, I can live with that for now.  I need to be careful though.  With the state of the country being one terrible thing after another, the urge to binge eat is strong.  I’ve overindulged a couple of times, and just need to stop it.  But the world is crashing and burning around me and the heaviness of sadness and grief at the injustices around me and the suffering of people feel almost unbearable sometimes.

So of course I’ve increased my self-care, right?  BWHAHAHAHA – no.  Not one little bit.

But tonight is date night, so yay for that, and next week, we might go to a munch.  Seriously.  Good times ahead!


12 thoughts on “FFF 6-29 (on 6-30)

  1. I think the sit rep on the SOP is that it is still A-ok to use. Also, a course correction can come starting November. I hope the despair doesn’t feel hopeless and instead motivated all to vote. Minority rules right now. It’s time for the majority views to end the hate-train we are on (and it’s conductor Trump). It will improve everyones health and their hearts.

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    • Hey, Jennifer! Good to know on SOP, and yeah, November is a possible turning point. I think you’re right, I think we can change it – whether we will or not remains to be seen!

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    • Lol, Roz, actually I think SOP is an old people thing, so no. Not knowing it makes you young. 🙂 Thanks for the support, as always! I really appreciate your commetns.


  2. woo hoo for date night. It’s super hard to not binge eat with everything going on. It’s exhausting, overwhelming, tragic. i don’t think i know one person who isn’t feeling traumatized by what has happened. The energy left over for self care is difficult to find, but hoping the date night helps reconnect you to your body enough to be able to do self care. ❤

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  3. oh…and….since many of the Saints cherry picked what they wanted to follow from the Church when they were alive, it seems fitting to me to ask them for help. i really love our Pope but feel alienated by the Church overall.

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    • Lol, that’s true, but I’m no saint! On the other hand, yeah, I don’t think St. Anthony or St. Christopher minds me checking in when I need to. 🙂 The church is alienating for sure. And even this pope, who’s better than any we’ve had in forever, is steeped in misogyny and protecting other priests. I know he’s a product of his environment, but sheesh. And sorry – this has become super non-kink. 🙂 ❤ Love you, Jade.

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