Sir Sets Some Rules

Sir bought a kink book and shared it with me -we’ve started using the family plan for our kindle.  That was a nice way to keep us connected.   It’s not a dreadfully literary book – so far, it’s mostly a list of the rules the Dom has for his sub.  Which is actually pretty hot, as those things tend to be.

Sir warned me already- I may have mentioned this – that i was going to have rules, but that he wanted to think about what rules he wanted and would be prepared to enforce.  Some time went by.

He told me that he was not going to punish me for breaking these as-yet-unspecificed-rules with spankings (since, you know, i do like that.)  He said that he might do what the Dom in this book we read does, which is to punish his sub by plucking out a number of single pubic hairs, an idea that makes me wince.

Yesterday, he gave me the rules.  He is starting with three rules.

Rule One:   He’s to be addressed as “Sir” when we are in the bedroom

Rule Two:  My pussy is to be shaved completely and must be kept clean shaven at all times.  Completely, like in no-landing-strip, no nothing.

Rule Three:  When we’re together and engaging in sexual activity, i’m to ask permission before i orgasm.  He says he doesn’t plan to practice orgasm restriction at this time, but may do so in the future.  He says permission is not necessary to orgasm if i’m playing with myself alone, at least not at this time.

Since the shaving requirement removes all the hair, he mentioned that’s not going to be how he punishes me – that hair pulling thing.  So that’s still open.  Um, waiting for his decision, not open to discussion.

He says there may be more rules in the future, but wants to see how it goes with these first.   Of course, i have every intention of following each rule completely, so it should be fine.  But i got a taste of the possible future when we were alone in his vehicle today.

Sir had stopped at a stop sign, and (it seemed to me) was sticking way too far out into the intersection.  He does this all the time sometimes and it kind of drives me crazy bothers me a little bit.   I almost always bite my tongue and don’t say anything, but every once in a while, i have to i feel compelled to i choose to comment.  Today, i just said, “I don’t know why you got to stop all the way out in the street like this.”

He said, “What?”

I said, maybe less confrontational-ly, “I mean, just, like, it seems like the nose of the van is kind of far out in the street.  You know.  You do that all the time.”

He said, “Well.  Hmmm.  You think I’m too far out in the street.  Well, I guess I’ll have to apologize to those other Doms.”

Me (sensing that I had perhaps mis-stepped) “Apologize to what other Doms?”

So he’s part of some Dom-peer group thing.  I knew that.  But apparently they had been talking about back seat driving being a problem for some of them.  And, um, apparently he had said that wasn’t a problem in his household.  But now he was thinking maybe he needed to re-think that.


{Whispers}  Do not tell him i said this.  He drives real slow.  He’s real careful to keep a safe stopping distance between his vehicle and other vehicles – which means even more slow driving.  He waits to change lanes until the very last minute, even when he already knows he has to be in the other lane.  And he stops with his van sticking out in the cross-street at red lights or stop signs sometimes.  And i almost never say a word.

But yes, ok, so i felt guilty when he told me that, about apologizing to the other Doms, and ok, i’m not going to say anything about his driving anymore.  Unless we’re about to get hit, in which case i reserve the right to gasp or say “look out!” as  needed.

Anyhow.  That’s the news from here.  Now i have to manage to shave to specifications and all will be well.

We’re having a lovely day off work for the Fourth – i went to the beach this a.m. – missed the sunrise, but also missed most of the rain.

The rest of the day has been a bit non-traditional, but very nice.  Hope you’re having a good one, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing…




12 thoughts on “Sir Sets Some Rules

  1. Good to hear from you. My wife “white-knuckles” whenever I drive. I am not a bad driver. So yeah it bugs the Hell out of me.
    My Independence Day has been nice, an AA meeting, a good swim, a good nap. Loads of serenity. Jealous about your easy beach access.
    Really happy to read this post.

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    • Lol, he might white-knuckle a bit when I drive! And I”m not a bad driver either! Glad you’re enjoying the day, and that there’s plenty of serenity. Yep, that beach access is my saving grace some days. Thanks for commenting, David, it’s always good to hear from you.


    • Hey, Roz,

      Thanks so much – lol, they really are! And moving in a way that feels thoughtful, intentional and right!

      Yes, I count my blessings on being close to the beach often!! Hope all is well with you… hugs.


  2. Happy for you, Olivia, that things are moving along in the right direction for you. If you want some great shaving tips, you can hop along over to a post I did a week or so ago on that very subject … it’s called ‘Mowing the Lawn’ ;)) … enjoy your Sir and beach time … nj


    • Lol, I read that last night – I was just too tired to comment and I got lost in the article. Truth be told, I hate shaving – I don’t shave my legs, I epilady, which rips the hair out by the roots, and have been doing that for many years. I used to get waxed and much prefer that to shaving, but I also don’t want to spend that money right now. Sigh. So it’s the razor for me, and I think your article will be super helpful! Thanks. 🙂


  3. You sound excited about the new developments. And i’m glad BIKSS is a good driver altho sometimes i think he’s a bit to Formula 1 for my taste. I dont think im a bad driver too but i know hes also a bit white knuckled when i drive. To his credit he says its not just me but also when his wife drives and in fact, anyone else who drives his car. Tsk.

    I do the IPL/laser thing for hair removal but that will involve some cost. Its just a big enough deal for me (personally, not Dom-imposed) that i willingly spend that money. I figure i dont spend on (head) hair and nails so thats my beauty fund spending. (My haircuts are $12 every month.)

    Love that the beach is so close!

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    • I am super excited and pleased about the new developments! Honestly, I’m a bit afraid I’ll pinch myself and wake up.

      Hmmmm, I think i might be a bit too Formula 1 in my driving for Sir – and actually, ‘Nilla from Vanillamom would back him up on that. I think I’m skilled. AND i think a lot of it is about control – naturally Doms are going to be more uncomfortable with someone else driving. Although, to his credit, Sir doesn’t make a big thing about having to drive all the time.

      IPL/laser would be kinda cool! But yeah. I spend a ton on my hair and for sure am not looking to add expenses right now…

      Thanks for commenting!!


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