FFF – 7-6-18

Happy FFF to you!  Yes, I broke the “60” barrier – I’ve made it into the 159’s!!  New range of weights is 159.6-161.2.  We’ve been doing this – FFF – for 23 weeks and I don’t remember for sure where I was when I started out, but I’ve lost about 12 pounds.   Averaging about 2 pounds/month, which is not a bad rate.

In exercise/step news, I gave up on finding my old Fitbit and bought a new one, so of course I found the old one the next day.  The new one does a more thorough break-down of sleep cycles, which I like.  After all, if I know I only got 30 minutes of deep sleep, I’m not surprised that I”m sleepy, right?  So I can only report on 5 days, and have really lost ground in this area.  22,000 steps in those 5 days, about 4,500/day.   I need to do better this week.

I’m thinking about doing a personalized physical fitness program with a coach.  We’ve joined the YMCA, and they offer a 6 week program free.  I’ve never done anything like this before, which in itself is probably a good reason to do it.  I’m going up to get the application today – we’ll see if i can follow through on it.

Organizing my house – really, everything is in decent shape except my office.  Oh, and the garage, but that’s going to take a lot more than me to manage.

In other news, Sir went shopping for shorts at one of those big Hunting, Fishing, Everything Outdoors stores.  He texted me this picture:

IMG_1377 2

I said, “Yikes!” because what else can one say when looking at a serious frigging paddle, knowing that it could be used on one’s delicate butt?   Ok, it’s a mini-paddle, but still.

He replied, “LOL Yikes is right, I bought one, it’s Perfect !” which may not have been exactly what i wanted to hear.  i would have been fine with a less enthusiastic response.  🙂  I am pretty sure that i’m going to find out just how yikes-y it is tonight.

Because – yes – tonight is date night, and we’re going to a munch!! i’m pretty excited, and a bit nervous, but not too much.  The restaurant is an inexpensive chain restaurant, which doesn’t thrill me, but that’s ok.  You may not know this about me, but i am a bit of a food snob.  I prefer non-chain restaurants that offer eclectic combinations of food in original recipes made with fresh, local ingredients.  Ok, i can’t always get that, but local is better than chain and… anyhow, yes, i have a whole hierarchy of what’s good.  When we go out to eat, i usually pick the restaurant.

Sir, on the other hand, is a McDonald’s and Waffle House kind of man.  Seriously.   Fortunately, he’ll eat a burger just about anywhere, and most places have some kind of a burger.  ‘That won’t be a concern tonight.  I’ll be the one scanning the menu for that one thing that isn’t fried or over 1,000 calories and 90% carbs.  In fairness, i’ve already found it – they have a grilled fish that looks decent.  So that’s not a problem.  {Whew, i know you were worried about it for me too…}

Anyhow, all of that is to say that i should have plenty to talk about when i come back.  Stay tuned…

15 thoughts on “FFF – 7-6-18

  1. Hi Olivia,

    Congratulations on the weight loss, that is awesome 🙂 You will be so glad that the house is sorted now too.

    OMG those paddles! um, good luck? lol. Hope you have a wonderful date night and enjoy the munch. Looking forward to reading an update; )


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  2. Your giddiness just leaps of the page! I’m so glad that whatever happened happened, and things began moving forward again.
    And yay on the weight!
    (Just a thought, but those 2 things are probably connected in some way…)

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    • Hey!! How are you??? So glad to see you here.

      I am pretty giddy. And loving that things are moving forward. And,um, yes, the weight of that layer of emotional distress that goes with not being fulfilled as a sub, has been lifted. Apparently, it was pretty heavy.


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