There was a time in my life that i was very focused on love.  Not romantic love, although there was some of that back then too, but what I thought of as "agape love ."  A more spiritual version of love, love that is unconditional.  God-like, perhaps. My guiding principal was to do everything i … Continue reading Love

Spring Solstice!

With all the joys of spring.  A new date for my house closing.  Birds cheeping outside my window.  Warmth and sunshine - the winds from the east, bringing new beginnings. Blessed Ostara Hoping your day is full of joy and love...  

Sunday Special

I've spent part of the morning planning the rest of the month and next quarter.  I've started using a paper and pen planner, something I haven't done since I had a "Daytimer" in my pre-computer days.  i bought myself some fancy gel pens and have color coded my life, which is something i've never done … Continue reading Sunday Special