It’s official. I’m old.

No, really, I am, and it’s ok, or at least mostly ok. It’s posing some issues for Sofia right now, but I’m sure she’ll work through it. Fortunately, I’m not having the same issues at the moment, mostly because no one is looking at my old and unattractive body. But anyhow…

The reason this comes up for me right now, and why it’s an announcement and not an opportunity to wail and gnash my teeth is because I’m going to register for the Crones Counsel in Raleigh, NC. The event is in February – just a one day thing, but still. I’m hoping it will be fun and interesting and meaningful. I’m hoping for a drumming circle.

This means I will (probably) be in Raleigh in early February. So if you live near there and want to try to connect up, message me or email me and we’ll see if we can have coffee or something. That would be a real treat!

Anyhow, in a celebratory rush, I started googling and found a plethora of lovely wise women, some of them in the crone category.

15 thoughts on “Announcing…

    • Um. That seems kind of “crotchety old man” of you. Yikes! Use more lube? Being a crone is not actually New Age-y, it’s an ancient way of viewing one’s old age, a term and a way of thinking that’s been distorted and disrespected.


      • No I get it. It is a marvelous way of looking at old age. My Grandma was a most wife woman, among many. I think of my friend Mini from AA who had the experience of years to share. Anyway I shouldn’t have said that. I guess I don’t think of you as old.

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      • Ok, that’s sweet – that you don’t think of me as old. (When I typed “old” I must have misspelled it, – it auto-corrected to “oiled” – which made me laugh, thinking about lube.). Anyhow, I’m glad you get it, cause you know, I am 63…


      • Being sexual isn’t on the NO List of Old. We shouldn’t be ashamed for still wanting sexual love, despite the odd thinking of persons younger than we are. Passion. Never out of fashion.

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    • Thanks, Roz – the whole aging thing is tough. I actually felt better about it when I was in my 50s than I do now, in some ways. But obviously, time will keep passing…

      Yeah, I’m excited about the Counsel, and glad you liked the quote! 💜


  1. As I am notoriously a late-bloomer, I find myself seeing my sixties as the time when I’ve finally entered middle-age… I figure I’ll end up at the rocking chairs soon enough. 😀
    I hope you get your drumming circle… and maybe coffee with a new blogger friend!


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