Connections – Part II {14}

Sofia trembled, standing in front of him. All too aware that her skin wasn’t tight and smooth, that she sagged and bulged and there just wasn’t much she could do about any of that. She was afraid that Lucas would be disgusted.

Instead, he smiled as his hands moved over her body, stroking, caressing, examining. She whimpered. Hands on her already hard nipples made her moan. She longed for him to touch her pussy, which was hot and wet and aching for release.

But when his hands finally wandered between her thighs, they carefully avoided her clit, avoided penetrating her, even though she thrust her hips forward, seeking. Instead, “Want something?” he asked, a hint of laughter in his voice.

Sofia’s throat was so dry, she swallowed twice, “Yes, yes, Sir,” she said, too aroused to be coy.

“This is just the inspection,” he said, “We haven’t even started yet. Be patient.”

Sofia didn’t know why tears welled up at those words, and she struggled to keep them from spilling over. As if he sensed her distress, he stood, and pulled her to him. Without a thought, she pressed herself against him, feeling his clothes rough against her skin, wrapped her arms up around his neck, and began to sob.

Lucas made little soothing noises and patted her back.

She didn’t cry for long, “I’m not a crier,” she told herself as the tears slowed, and out loud she said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Nothing,” said Lucas, “Nothing wrong with you. Sit, I’m going to grab some Kleenex. Sit right here.” He waited while Sofia lowered herself to the floor. He returned with tissue and a light blanket. Handed her the tissue, saying, “Blow,” and draped the blanket over her shoulders.

He walked away again, came back with a glass of water. She finished blowing her nose, and he handed her the glass. “Drink,” he said, and she obeyed.

Lucas settled into his chair, letting her snuggle herself into the space between his legs. With one hand, he stroked her face and hair. Sophia leaned into him as if she could become part of him, wishing she didn’t feel quite so needy.

“That’s really hard,” he said, “Tolerating that kind of inspection. You did a good job. I’m very pleased with you.”

Sofia smiled, her heart warmed, and she realized again that she would do anything this man wanted. She managed to scoot even closer to him.

He continued, “I can tell you’ve taken good care of your body, and I’m going to enjoy taking you.” His hand rested on the back of her neck. “I think you’re lovely,” he continued, “and so very responsive. l like that a lot.”

Sofia smiled. feeling relief spread through her body. She had not realized how tight and on edge she had been until right now. Now she felt like a cat, rubbing against his leg, ready to purr under his caress.

A knock on the door startled her, and, just like a cat, she thought, she would have bolted and hidden under the bed if she could have. In fact, she moved as if she would get up, but Lucas stopped her. “Dinner,” he said. “Wait here.”

She waited, huddled under the blanket now. He returned with a tray. She couldn’t see everything on it, but there was only one plate. Two glasses, but one was a water glass and the other one wine. He set the tray on the end table next to his chair and sat back down, placing his legs so she was cozily between them again.


“Yes, Sir.”

“I’m going to feed you. I don’t think this was on the list of things you consented to – are you ok with this?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, leaning even closer into him. She felt small and vulnerable and she wasn’t sure she could have fed herself in that moment.

“Come on – up,” Lucas said, giving her a hand to lean on. “You can use the front bathroom, I’ll take the one in my bedroom. If I’m going to hand-feed you, I prefer clean hands.”

Sofia stood, clutching the blanket, but he took it from her hands. “I prefer you uncovered,” he said. “It’s warm enough in here.”

Alone in the bathroom, Sofia was able to recover some of her usual self-assurance, although the full-length mirror on the back of the door was a bit startling. She studied herself in it, thinking she looked worse than she wanted to but not as bad as she had felt for a minute there. Turning a bit, she was able to see some marks on her ass. It was still a bright pink, and she could feel some raised welts. That made her smile.

So she felt good as she dried her hands and returned to the living room, where Lucas gestured for her to take her place at his feet. There was a small stool there – just a plastic one, like you might buy at the grocery. “I want you on the stool,” he said, “Facing me, legs spread so I can see your cunt.”

Sofia swallowed, that word always threw her a bit, although in theory she didn’t object to it. “Yes, Sir,” and she sat as he had indicated. The stool was a bit hard, but not too bad. She wondered if she would leave a puddle on it, but “at least it’s plastic, easy to clean,” she assured herself.

She sat up with her back very straight, resisting the urge to hunch over and hide. “Good girl,” Lucas said. “Nice posture. He stroked her nipples lightly with his thumbs until they were quite hard. She shivered, his touch making her pussy throb. “Very nice,” he said. “Have you ever thought about getting pierced?”

Eye wide, Sofia’s heart thudded. “Um,” she said, then, “Yes, Sir, I already have my ears pierced,” and burst into giggles.

Lucas laughed, thumbed her nipples again, “And that was not what I had in mind, girl. That’s ok. We’ll talk about other possibilities another time.” He very deliberately put one hand on each of her knees, pressing them farther apart. He lowered his gaze to her pussy, so exposed he could see it was wet. “We can talk about that another time.”

It was just as well he didn’t want to talk then, because Sofia’s mouth had gone completely dry. She was appalled to realize that she might be willing to do even this, if it would please him.

15 thoughts on “Connections – Part II {14}

  1. Another hot instalment Olivia. Lucas sure knows what he’s doing and I love how he takes care of her at the same time.

    Ooh, not sure I could get a piercing (other than ears which I have lol) or tattoo.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, Lucas is the best. 😊 Thanks!! Lol, I love that you’re not sure you would get a piercing or tattoo – although by extension, I think that means that it’s possible that you would… πŸ’œ


  2. Geez, olivia, whew. Lucas is a great dom. Mmmmmm, that last bit, where he places the tiniest seed. Now Sofia can think on it, and he can let it grow in her mind.
    And I often feel like a cat/ pet when we’re done with an active portion of a playdate, and my Dom pulls ne up next to him, rubbing my head, back. I would purr if I could.
    Mmmmmm, lovely story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • He is pretty great, isn’t he? Definitely the Dom of my dreams.. . and yep that was quite a seed he’s planted. I think it will haunt Sofia…
      And thanks for the validation – I think that “ready to purr” feeling is just about the best.
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. πŸ’œ


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