Fantasy Snippet

"Kneel," he says. I obey, lowering myself carefully. I am at his feet, his hand strokes my hair. I shiver with pleasure. "You've been a bit neglected, I think," he says. With a laugh, he adds, "You won't be neglected here. Disciplined, yes. Punished when appropriate, rewarded when you earn it. The paddle may bring … Continue reading Fantasy Snippet

Not Feeling It

“I don’t know,” she shrugged. “I’m just not feeling it. Ya know? I mean, all of the things happening, all the change, it’s just hard. I don’t even know what submissive means right now - what does it look like?” He looked at her, head tilted a bit, curious, as if he were weighing her … Continue reading Not Feeling It

We're Making It

My first five days of Home-Schooling ended quietly. It wasn't really home-schooling anyhow, more like unschooling, which is also ok. Well see what next week brings. Today we celebrated Spring Solstice even though it was a day late. My daughter, the grands, and me. We used my Himalayan meditation bells and the maraca, smudged with … Continue reading We're Making It


No, not that kind of stripping. Not strip mining either. Today, I feel like our lives are being stripped down to the essentials. And sometimes less, of course. But if you are like me - fortunate enough to: Be healthy (so far) Have your essential needs taken care of and Be confident you can survive … Continue reading Stripped

The Massage

Lying on the table, she smiled as the hands on her calves massaged firmly, the scented oil warming her skin. She had never imagined herself in this situation, but so far it was lovely. The hands continued to work their way up her thighs slowly, and she moaned. “You like that?” It was her lover’s … Continue reading The Massage