Erotic Stories i Like

Brie Learns the Art of Submission is the first one of the series.  i’ve only read this one and part of the 2nd one, but there are apparently at least three of them.  The first one has a training school story line, and i really liked it.

Barbary Revenge starts like this:

The nubile young woman awoke naked and terrified, gagged and blindfolded.

All around her a ship creaked and groaned and the engines vibrated beneath her.

She quickly discovered that her hands were tied together and confined in thick mittens which denied her the use of her fingers.

There was dread in her heart as she lay trembling there and wondered what had happened to her and where she was being taken.

She had no way of knowing that they were steaming into a modern version of the days when the Barbary corsairs carried so many women away to slavery in Arabia

i’m just now reading it, but it’s pretty erotic.  And it has some of my favorite elements – forced grooming, helplessness, and an auction.

When the Gavel Falls:  a Masters of the Castle Collection

Adding these websites on Gor:

Basic Training

The Challenge of Gorean Slavery

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