Introvert, Inc.

I’ve been having a tough day today. Had the grands a bit longer than I’d expected, they were cranky, I was cranky. I really just wanted everybody to go away and leave me alone.

Once my daughter got home, I retreated to my part of the house and read a bunch of other people’s spanking blogs. That was kind of arousing, but also sad, to see how many people haven’t posted on their blog for ages.

Tried to take a nap, but it was really too late in the day for that. Got back up. Just felt so out of sorts, kind of like I wanted to get out of my body. I had thought about going out for a while, but then everyone else left and I didn’t have a car. {Yes, I could have walked. Too cranky.}

I don’t actually have a good reason to be this cranky – or sad. Cause I not only felt cranky, I just felt frigging sad. Like I could have cried.

Then it occurred to me that maybe I just hadn’t had enough alone time to feel good about life. After all, I thought, I am an introvert.

So then I decided I needed a theme song. “The Introvert Song.” You know that google is my best friend (with youtube being a close second.) So a quick search – and I found FOUR songs I liked, all dedicated to being an introvert.

{If you can’t access them, they’re on youtube – the first one is The Introvert Song (Original Song) by Vica Hernandez. The second one is The Introvert Song by Peter Mayer. (Yes, they’re completely different songs.) The third is The Theme of an Introvert by Ivy Stokes (who is adorable.) The last one is The Introvert Song by The Four Bitching Babes. Yes, three of them have the same name. Shrug… But the last one is really the best.

But by the time I got through listening to all of them – I felt fine again. They just soothed my soul. Or made me laugh. Same thing, right?

Anyhow. I’m going to get dinner now. And go to bed. Tomorrow’s Sunday and I’m going to run away from home and maybe write a bit or do something else nice.

10 thoughts on “Introvert, Inc.

  1. Yes. Introvert. J is an introvert. After the afternoon with my family, she went to bed almost immediately. Been there since. Of course, since it’s 1:38, I expect here to be in bed, asleep. On the other hand, I took a nap around 730. I am wide awake and did some post-Christmas debris clearance. Must do empty container triage. Do you need any empty coffee bags?

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  2. Ha! I love that last one. πŸ™‚

    I get it; having time alone, to spend in a rejuvenating way of your own choosing, is so SO important.

    My husband is kind of my opposite; he likes to be around people, regardless of whether they are people he knows or is even interacting with in any kind of meaningful way (i.e., he’s perfectly happy wandering through a crowded mall for the ‘surround’ effect or having meaningless conversations about X, P, Z, D, and Q with a semi-stranger at a community picnic), while I’m happiest when everyone just for a few hours (or a few DAYS — my God, that would be bliss! *laugh* ) so I can recharge my batteries.

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    • Thanks – for reading and commenting! I’m so glad you liked it. And it’s nice that you ‘get it.’

      You describe perfectly the difference between an introvert and an extrovert. I bet we often fall for someone on the other end of that continuum. And yes, being alone for a few days is, actually, pretty blissful!!


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