Trying not to be jealous-hearted y’all. My daughter and some friends have gone to an event in a near-by city. An event I had once thought I’d love to go to myself.

Yes, a kink event. A play party in a dungeon there.

No, I don’t think I’ll ever get to go to that particular kink event.

It is a little bit hard to accept today. Doing it anyhow.

Other than that, this day has just gotten away from me. Our out of town visitor arrived today, which was nice. We took the grands out for dinner. I did some work. Life was good.

I will not be jealous-hearted. Someone else having something does not take anything away from me. Life is not pie.

Edited to add: If your children know about your kink and you know about theirs, I’m not judging you at all. I know I have dear friends who I greatly respect who feel comfortable with that. I just don’t. That’s no disrespect to you at all.

10 thoughts on “Trying

    • It’s a legit question, and theoretically, I could go, either to this event or a different play party at that dungeon some other time. Part of the reason I would want to go though is to really be part of the community – or at least maybe to become part of it. But that’s exactly what my daughter intends to do. As a submissive woman, the idea of sharing that aspect of myself with my daughter just icks me out. And I know there are people who would say it doesn’t matter, but there is just so much vulnerability for me in expressing that part of myself. I don’t want my daughter in that part of my life. Thinking about it, I think it might be different if I were a Domme, but I’m not. There are other complications to me going to a play party at this point in my life, involving my relationship with MP, my life partner. But today, I’m just working on not letting this feeling of jealousy settle in my heart, you know? Thanks for reading – and asking a thought-provoking question!!

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      • Oh, haha, that’s kind of funny. Maybe you could shotgun the next event! But in all seriousness, yeah, that sounds icky. Sex and family relations (minus partners) are two things that are just kept far far far apart. And yes on the jealousy! Jealousy can be so insidious! Good for you on working on it and not caving into it mindlessly 🙂

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  1. Hi Olivia, how interesting your daughter going to a play party. I assume for her to tell you it must have been common knowledge between you. Does she know you are submissive.?

    I can understand how this makes you feel and not wanting to mix family relations and kink.


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    • Hi, Roz – It really is interesting, right? And this is a great question. She just got certified as a sex educator and coach, so she’s marketing her work in the kink community here. She’s been to an out of town conference twice as part of her work, so that opened some conversation, and it was just sort of naturally accepted that she’s comfortable in that community. She knows that I was a kink-informed therapist for a long time, so she can assume my interest is just a professional thing if she wants to. I haven’t asked her what she thinks (and I probably won’t.)

      In the same way, I haven’t asked her what her fetish is – she could be submissive, or a Domme, a switch, or a furry, for all I know. (Ok, probably not a furry.)

      Anyhow, thanks for understanding! 💜


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