What’s Next?

Today was a lovely day, relaxed and pleasant, had fun with the grands, and all is well. Ok, not “all” – my teeth my have some issues. {You can not imagine how much I don’t want to say that, but facts are facts.}

In other news, I’m working on taking more time separate from the family – making sure I go out more, spend more time on myself. I’ve noticed this week that I literally can’t go to the bathroom without someone trying to talk to me or asking for something. Not just the grand kids either, also my daughter, and even MP! And I anounce it first. I say, “Ok, I’m going to the bathroom, be back in a minute.” Doesn’t slow them down.

Last night, I took a bath in my jet tub – glass of wine, candle, and book to read. It was lovely. When I got out (and this is just funny) my daughter had texted me to see if I was ok, I’d been so quiet. “Um, I was taking a bath…” And of course then she was like, “Oh, duh, you even told me you were going to, sorry.”

But it really makes me think that I’ve been way too accessible, not just for my own good, but for anyone’s best interest. So I can remedy that.

I took my bath, and I epiladied my legs. I lotioned them as if someone besides me was going to touch them. I did some other girly kinds of things that I don’t usually do. And I thought about what other things I might want to do.

I’ve been thinking about urges lately. Some of us (me, for example) have urges that we don’t resist. I have an urge to eat some cheetos and onion dip, Having said that, I now have that urge really strongly. I can see and feel it happening. I can taste the cheetos, the onion dip, envision the dip turning orange as I dip the cheetos into it. That’s going to haunt me – probably til I break down and get some.

On the other hand, I can have an urge – a legitimate urge – to cook some vegetables. I like vegetables, and I only buy the ones I like. So I can picture the veggies, think about how delicious they’ll be, how lovely they’ll taste. But I can totally resist that urge til it goes away. While I’m still thinking about the cheetos and dip.

So I think one of the aspirations for the new year will be to give in to my urges more – when they support my goals. That sounds really good doesn’t it? But I do have urges to eat healthy food, to get up and more to go to bed earlier and so on, that I tend to ignore. I need to tend to them instead.

I also really need want a rocking chair. (I’ve probably mentioned this before, but hopefully your mind doesn’t retain this kind of trivia about my life.) My old one broke, months ago, and I miss it dreadfully. I have a certain kind in mind, and I keep shopping on-line, but haven’t found one that’s just right and affordable. I thought I had found one yesterday – then I read the reviews. Sigh, ok, no.

Really, I need to go look at some IRL and try them out. Sigh again. But maybe I’ll do that soon.

Anyhow. Gotta go get those Cheetos. See yall tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Hello Olivia! I’d love to share those cheetos with you. Today was the opposite of yours. I found myself alone, in and out of a valium induced sleep, that left me feeling lonely and sad. Eric will be leaving again shortly and I’ll but busy as ever but a knock on the restroom door today would have been quite welcomed. I think my 2020 goal is to enjoy where ever and whatever I am doing instead of constantly wishing something were different. Have fun with those grands and even more fun tending to your own urges. Happy New Year. Amy

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    • AMY!! It’s so good to hear from you. I’m sorry you were alone and sad…I think your 2020 goal is brilliant, and I’ll have to incorporate some of that into my own plans for the year. And you can come share my Cheetos any time!! Happy New Year to you too! 💜


  2. Hi Olivia,

    Oh yes, those urges are hard to battle. Sorry to hear about the teeth issues.

    Oh gosh at your daughter texting while you were in the bath lol. Good on you for taking time for you, and for pampering yourself:)

    Good luck with the hunt for a rocking chair.


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    • Hi, Roz – I love that you are so understanding about my worst urges!! (Although I guess Cheetos are relatively benign in the greater scheme of the universe.) Thanks for all the support and good wishes! 💜


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