Simply Sunday

Sunday is the time to connect with myself. I did not go to the UU church today. When I think about going, I kind of shrink inside myself, and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to step back into that, you know? I’m looking for ways to connect, not things that I cringe away from.

Sunday morning often makes me think of this song – Sunday Morning Coming Down. Kris Kristofferson does a lovely version of this, as does Johnny Cash. I’m grateful that I’m not living the life he describes, but I do love the song. And Kris. I think Lucas might look a little bit like Kris…

So then I went looking for songs with Sunday Morning in the title and found this by The Velvet Underground. The name of the band struck a chord with me, but I don’t know why. When I look at their songs, I don’t see anything I recognize, and the Sunday Morning song didn’t do it for me. I did run across this treat:

You don’t hear that everyday, even on the oldie channel! (Walk on the Wild Side, by Lou Reed.)

I am looking at my schedule – Sunday is also planning day. Sunday and Monday morning. I can begin to see how I might be able to build in some structure that would work. (That would be nice, right??)

It’s funny, I met with somebody yesterday who was telling me about a job opening where she works – contract, not employee, which might work for me. She told me to email her and she’d send me the link to apply. So I emailed – and have heard nothing back. Shrug. I’m trying to decide whether to reach out via text today or wait til tomorrow. We’ll see. It sounded like an okay opportunity, not something that thrilled me, so if nothing comes of it, that’s ok too.

We pretty much have our Thanksgiving plans in place, and they’re simple but pleasant, so that’s good.

Listening to more music from back in the day, You’re So Vain, by Carly Simon and Maggie May, with Rod Stewart of course. I was a big Rod Stewart fan. Brown-Eyed Girl. So many songs…

Today, I am able to feel myself, centered and steady, whole and resourceful.

5 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. Many moons ago, there was a TV movie starring Marlo Thomas.
    Basically, woman meets guy (played by Kris Kristofferson,) uncharacteristically sleeps with him on the night they meet, the passion is grand, the next day, he takes off. Buh-bye.

    But that’s just the intro to the story – the actual plot was that the guy turned out to be a wanted man with the law hot on his heels… and the rest of the story is about how she is interrogated, harassed, and generally degraded, blah blah blah.
    I stopped watching after KK was gone.


    What has always stuck with me was a comment by the woman who made the movie, saying that she’d cast Kris Kristofferson in the role because she needed a man with the kind of appeal that made it believable that any woman would act so out of character.

    And I remember thinking, “Whoa baby, yes!”

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    • Hey, Roz – to get the real Kris Kristofferson thrill, check out Silver Tongued Devil. That’s the song that swept me off my feet… and pure Kris. Oh, I might have to post it Wednesday., Thanks for the good luck!


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