Wellness Wednesday – 11-27

I feel like I’ve been chained to my computer the last couple of days, and of course, that’s not really helpful. But I’m just working a little bit today, so that’s good, and not working at all tomorrow. I need to make sure that I get plenty of movement in.

I did some stretching on Sunday and it felt really good, so I told myself I would do it every day. Which is just me lying to myself, I haven’t done it since. Shrug. Maybe today.

In any case, here’s the stats:

  • Step count: 4,400 avg. range: 1,800 – 6,700
  • Sleep avg: 6 hrs, 40 minutes
  • Weight: 166
  • Glucose range: 122-145

In good news, my dental surgery is healing nicely, and I can eat most real food again, so that’s exciting. Also, I reorganized my office, and like the way it feels. Understand that I use the term “office” loosely – we’re talking about maybe 36 square feet of space. I don’t have a real desk (by choice.) I have 4 small tables that I move around to create different configurations. And it works for me.

Also, just for fun, I visited James Stephenson’s blog and found this delightful video: Is Fetish a Sexual Orientation, by Jillian Keenan. I really like the way she approaches this. It’s worth watching.

On her scale, I would be a one a zero on the “who” scale – I am pretty purely heterosexual. But I’m about a four on the “how” scale – my spanking fetish/ submissive desires are probably a bit stronger than my interest in straight sex. If you watch it, tell me in the comments how you would rate yourself. You know, if you want to. No pressure. But it’s fun to think about.

I’m still going strong on Sofia and Lucas – I’ll do next installments tomorrow and Friday. And don’t forget:

THE 10th ANNUAL GREAT ON-LINE COOKIE EXCHANGE is coming soon!! Go here, to Jz’s blog, to read the rules and sign up.

And Thanksgiving is tomorrow! If you’re celebrating in the US, hope it’s a happy one!

9 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday – 11-27

    • Hey, Roz – Yeah, I think a lot of us fall there. Although – I put that i was a 1 on the who scale, but only because I thought that was the bottom of the scale, guess I better go change that!! But yeah, I think she makes a pretty good case for fetishes being an orientation . I know mine started at a very early age… Anyhow. Hope you’re have a Happy Thanksgiving! 💜🍇


  1. I’m thinking I’m at the midway point on both scales- me and Shakespeare. Although, I’m not sure how she decided he was a bisexual fetishist- I never got that impression of him. On some days I lean more toward the 5 area of Keenen fetish scale.

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    • That’s funny – yeah, I had not heard that Shakespeare was a bisexual fetishist either! But then I’m not a Shakespeare scholar. I did just google it and found some (fairly unconvincing) arguments for him being bisexual. And some stuff about fetishes, although I didn’t read them. Thanks, Ancilla. 💜


  2. Never heard of this til now. Great fun! I can imagine the conversations which can rise from this concept. 🙂

    I’m a 2 on the WHO. Not really sure how to rate myself on the HOW. My sole sexual attraction is based on the my kink stuff. There’s just no take off without it. Does that make me a 6? Or more like a 3-4 because sex is a part of that?

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      • Hmmm…. I was just thinking about this the other day. I think I’m naturally submissive, born that way. I also think that how I was raised and life events have increased that. Some of the particular kinks and fetishes? I haven’t got a clue!!!

        A fun little Jodie fact: When I was 4 I took all my little friends in the closet (so we wouldn’t be caught) and spanked them! I think this moment says an awful lot about me. ;P

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      • That’s wild, isn’t it – about spanking your friends at 4! That’s pretty amazingly cool. I think you’re right about submission being some combination of nature and nurture though – ultimately, isn’t just about everything?

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      • Indeed. Yeah, the spanking thing was wild. Even then it had a charge for me. I didn’t understand it and I knew I’d get in trouble which I why I had us hide. Hmmmm…. I even did bare bottom… pants down!!! lol If that’s not an indicator of where I was headed, nothing is. 😉


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