The Munch and More

The day of the munch, i had to finish shaving, and thank goodness i was able to do that without any problem.  Full disclosure – i used an electric razor.  No, it doesn’t shave as closely, but i also don’t cut myself.  I did read Nora Jean’s post about shaving like a stripper, and seriously considered trying it, but it would have meant an extra trip to the store and… yeah, i just didn’t.  The little hand held electric one did a good enough job.

I debated what to wear – internally, not in any discussion about it.  Sir usually doesn’t have much interest in what i wear.  i contemplated wearing a dress, but the only one i have that’s cool enough for this weather is a little black dress and i thought it might be too dressy.  So i wore my usual black capri leggings and a tunic top that i’d just bought and hadn’t worn before.  I was feeling pretty festive.

We get to the restaurant a bit early, and tell the hostess we’re with a group – she quickly ushers us into a private room.  Only a couple of older women are there – um, older like a couple of years younger than me, probably.  They greet us, and direct us to sign in with our Fet names.  I put olivia and remember later that my fet name includes numbers.  Have to ask Sir if he remembers what they are – and go back to add “60.”

We select seats in the middle of one side of the table.  As others arrive, they sit across from us and at the ends of the table until all of those seats are full.  i feel like i am sitting on a little island of newness.

i suddenly remember how socially awkward i can be – the introvert in me is whispering, “Go home.  Just go home now.”

Eventually, everyone arrives, and some people sit next to us.  No one introduces themselves, it seems that they all know each other.  Sir and i introduce ourselves a couple of times and he shares some vanilla information about us.  One couple talks about the cruise they took, and the huge walk-in closet they’ve converted to a play room.  The Dom in that couple and Sir chat a bit.

i realize the submissives are wearing skirts or dresses.  Dommes or switches in pants.  Ooops.

One young person is a furry – not in a full furry outfit, just ears and a tail.  She giggles with delight and crawls under the table from time to time.  Our server is unfazed by this.  The group members mostly react with fond acceptance,  although i think i catch some tight-lipped tolerance.

Several people have their phones out and are checking FaceBook.  I get mine out too – a gift for the socially inept.  Someone comments, “Lively bunch tonight!” in that hearty tone that suggests this comment will somehow shift the energy.  That doesn’t happen.

They are nice people, and i assure myself it’s not my fault that the evening isn’t more dynamic.   It’s essentially dinner with a bunch a people i don’t know, what did i expect?  i think there are all kinds of undertones of all kinds of things in the room that i can only skim the surface of.  Webs of connection that criss-cross around me in ways that i can’t possibly understand.  i wonder if someday i’ll recognize the subtle messages being sent and received.

The latest arrival sits next to me, so i start a conversation with him.   He’s relatively new to the area, and i totally can’t tell if he knows anyone else or not.  Soon, he and another person are sharing stories about driving for Uber or Lyft, which is alternately amusing and horrifying.

People chat about kinky events, events they’ve been to, events they’d like to go to, play parties in the area.  i’m taking mental notes.

We order food.  We eat.  The fish is not bad.  We do not order dessert.  They have a 50-50 drawing – neither Sir nor i win.  And then it’s time to go.

Home – home where we retreat to our bedroom to act out our own kinky fantasies.  Yes, that includes the mean little mini-paddle.   Nicely warmed up – hand then belt – i am ready for the paddle, or as ready as i can be.

i’m expecting the heaviness of a paddle – the thud. And it’s there, for sure, but there’s a bit of sting too.  i don’t really understand how that works – how can it thud and then sting?  But i don’t have much chance to contemplate, because i’m busy trying to not make too much noise and noticing the feeling as it lands.

Then, just as it is getting to be a whole lot, Sir has me count – just 10 more he says, but count.  When he says “count” he doesn’t want to hear “One, two,” he means, “One, Thank you Sir, Two thank you, Sir,” and so on.  i do like that, even if that last ones are the worst.   i love the way he is upping the ante slowly, adding instruments and tools, but in a strategic way, starting with the things he knows i love

When we were finished with my spanking, we satisfied other needs, and that was lovely.

As for the munch, we survived.  We got our feet wet.  It wasn’t bad.  Sorry it wasn’t more exciting, but it is what it is.  Maybe we’ll go back, maybe we’ll try a different one, whatever, it will all be ok.

And Sir is watching for an opportunity to play when no one else is home.  i’m  not sure what he has in mind, but i imagine it will involve lots of noise – from me.  i’m excited, and just a bit nervous.  We’ll see…

18 thoughts on “The Munch and More

  1. I always feel awkward at munches before I know the inside humor and click with someone enough to be able to carry on a conversation. I’m equally happy to sit quietly and soak it all in, which is pretty much what I do when I’m with SR anyhow. I’m proud of you guys for getting your feet wet and keeping up with your dates! That is huge!!! Yep more wiggle puppy happiness for you both

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    • Thanks, jade – yeah, i think it just is awkward (for us introverted types) until it becomes people we know. Thanks for the encouraging words, and for being proud of us! Yes, the consistency is amazingly wonderful. “Wiggle puppy happiness” cracked me up – you are too cute, you know. ❤

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  2. I was entirely with you in your munch description, Olivia … I call myself an extroverted introvert or vice versa. I can and have presented to crowds of 100 or more but ask me to network with even a small group of people I don’t know makes me want to shrink into a corner and just watch. Good that you went (is it your first time at a munch?) and interesting how it was so ‘ordinary’.

    Happy to hear you and your Sir are progressing in ways that work for you! … nj

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    • Thanks, NJ – yeah, i can present to groups too, it’s funny, isn’t it? I’m glad I went too! It was not my first time at a munch – in Where-i-Used-to-Live i was pretty involved in the BDSM community and it wasn’t unusual for me to go to munches or events. i had a different blog then that was about all of those things as well as my personal story. But that was a long time – for a variety of reasons, I quit going there not too long after Sir and i got involved, and quit stopped posting on that blog, for a variety of reasons. But we hadn’t been to anything here, so that was exciting. Sir had been involved in the kink community many years before he met me, but had not been for a long time. I’m excited that he’s interested in getting involved here and is talking about doing some big events that take place in other cities.

      Thanks for sharing the joy!!


    • Thanks, Bookdreamer – it was pretty lovely. 🙂 And isn’t it interesting how many of us can relate to socially awkward introvert? Too cool. And um, yeah, i can’t wait either. ❤


  3. I consider myself an ambivert- kinda like nora jean – i can do big groups and presentations when i have to but i feel much more comfortable and in my element in a smaller setting. The normalness of the munch was refreshing to read about – and at least you tried 🙂 i dont think i would have. At one point BIKSS had connected with another dd/lg couple (i was keen to have like friends) but i just couldnt bring myself to actually make a plan to go out and meet them. He didnt pressure me or make me feel bad about wanting something then not being able to follow thru, thankfully. I guess he knows its hard for me. Besides. I’d much rather stay home and sort out my clutter. It comforts me to organise.

    The private fun back home sounds like a great way to round up the evening!

    (And yay for no dessert. I need to stop eating chocolate cake…)

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    • Yep, lots of us around who can do the formal stuff but prefer fewer people. Nice to know I’m in such good company. I kind of love that you’d rather stay home and sort out your clutter though. I’m glad that’s comforting to you – I’m more of a “read or scroll through FB endlessly” person. Sorting out clutter is at least useful!

      The private fun back home was, indeed, lovely. And so is chocolate cake. But ice cream is my downfall. I’ve gotten so I’ll buy some 100 calorie weight watcher bars for a nightly treat…


    • Hey! It’s good to see you!

      Yeah, there was a time in my life that I didn’t feel like I was on the fringes and it was still pretty darn awkward!! ❤


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