FFF – 6/22 – on Saturday

Just checking in – i missed posting on Friday and haven’t had a chance to read any of the usual FFF posts, but i’m working on it, for sure.

My good news, fitness-wise, is my step count, which was 48,599 – really close to my goal for the week of 7,000/day.   Of course, some days were over 10,000 and some only 5,000, but still, i’m pleased.  Hoping i can do that well this coming week.

Weight is in the same range – 160.2 – 162.8 – so that’s good.  Looking forward to seeing a big 159 one of these months weeks.

Organizing my house is a work in progress and will be.  I got another set of shelves made – 2 more to go.  Also have a kitchen cart I need to put together and a whole garage to clear out.   Office area to straighten up.  Whatever.  I was out of town Monday-Wednesday, so not a whole lot of progress.  Just working on it…

I have not been sleeping well – awake about 3 a.m. most mornings, even if i didn’t go to bed til 11 or later.   The things that are happening in this country are breaking my heart every day.  I’m doing the things i know how to do to manage that, since being heartbroken isn’t actually helpful to anyone.  And i’m doing the things i can find to do to bring about change.  But it’s still hard.

So last night was date night, and by the time we were supposed to leave, i had managed to take a shower and dress up just a bit, but i was feeling more like crawling into bed and staying there.  A lovely steak dinner perked me up a bit, and tiramisu and coffee for dessert at a different restaurant was the perfect topper.  I almost feel asleep on the way home.

It would have been fine with me if he had just let me flop on the bed and sleep, but he was not having it.  “I know you’re tired,” he said.  “Get undressed.”  The bedroom door was carefully closed.

“Head here, feet here,” he says.  Obediently, i lay down, arrange mayself as directed.  He rolls me over gently, face down.

His hand is ouchy.  Steady smacks, alternating cheeks.  Followed by the belt.  Ahhhh.  So lovely.  A little harder than his hand, but sooooo lovely.  My body just relaxes.

Then he rubs something on my butt – baby oil?  I don’t know.  Something. I don’t ask.  Don’t care.

The small paddle is next.  It’s not wide, reminds me of a paint stick, but heavier than that.  And it’s a stingy feel as it lands.  I mean, it feels stingy.  Definitely more pain.

It lands on my ass, stinging, and then there’s a ripple out effect, as if there are tiny stars of pain waving across my butt.  Weird, right?  But stars like – like seeing stars maybe?  Like it’s a psychedelic paddle and it’s leaving trails, like people used to talk about back in the day when acid was a thing.

So i just relax into that, watching the tiny stars in my head and thinking that the wham of the paddle hurts but then the stars almost feel good.  Very strange.  i cry out a little bit during the last 10 – perhaps the stars have lost their novelty.  But still.

When he’s done, he uses the magic wand, and some magic from his hands, and pretty soon i’m whimpering and moaning in pleasure.  Ripples of pleasure shake me, rolling through my body like an earthquake, which is such a cliche, but the pleasure is new each time.

And then he moves me so my head’s in the right place and my feet are where they belong and i’m gone…

…for about 10 hours.  i wake up feeling better than i have in days.  Ready to face the world.



23 thoughts on “FFF – 6/22 – on Saturday

  1. WOW..this post is full of good news….way to go!!! on the steps, and bet you start seeing new scale numbers soon…and there is something that is much better than a sleeping pill:):) hugs abby

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    • He did really take charge, and you’re right, I think at one time it would have left him feeling uncertain. Not any more! I said to him, the next morning, “I really needed that.” He just looked at me. “I know.” Super casual. It made me giggle inside. It is love. That Dominance. ❤

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  2. Head here, feet here. I love that. I love when I’m tired but BIKSS decides we’re still getting in a spanking. That in itself is so hot and dominant. “I know you’re tired, get undressed.” There’s a “so what if you are, I don’t care, and you need this, tired or not” left unspoken but comes across loud and clear anyway.

    LOVE this post. Hurray for the more than 10k steps days too! And stars radiating from the spanks. Totally adorable. *Sigh….*

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    • Thanks, Fondles, it’s so nice to have friends who “get it.” Yep, that “I know what you need, and I will not be deterred” is just about as lovely as it gets. Thanks for the support and for sharing the joy!! ❤

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  3. so. wicked. awesome.
    He wouldn’t let you flop and sleep. He gave you exactly what you needed. This has so much happy peaceful joy in it that I’m sitting here beaming.

    Happy, for you, for him, for this rediscovered path.
    love you!

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