FFF – 9-7

It’s Friday again – i have no idea where the week has gone.  Or maybe i do since I’ve been babysitting my grands since Tuesday, which has been lots of fun, and very demanding.  Um, as you parents of little ones already know.  Six year old and a three year old.

Of course, they’re at school/pre-school from about 9-3, so I can work, which is good, but I pick the older one up at 3, and then go ahead and get the younger – and it’s on.  Play – homework – bath – dinner – read books – go-to-bed.  Whoosh.

The good news is that I hit my 7,000 steps yesterday without even trying.  The not very good news is that my average for the week is only 4,800.  That’s because I had a couple of days – maybe three – that i just sat and worked all day.  Ended up in the low 3,000s for the day.  Sad.

But it’s a new week.

We did not have playtime last week, which was also sad, it’s looking bad for this week, and Sir is going out of town Monday.  Sigh…  but if you consider i’ve gone years wthout until recently, i’m not complaining.

One funny interaction reminded me of our respective positions.  We were going to the grocery together – he was driving – and we reached a corner where i would turn left.  There were 3 lanes, he was in the middle lane, and I didn’t know what he was doing.  He has a bad slightly annoying interesting habit of not getting in the correct lane til the last moment, but we were at a red light.  He also has a habit of taking the wrong way a different way to get somewhere.  He can decide he prefers some route that takes us 6 blocks out of the way and 10 extra minutes, for no apparent reason, and always go that way.

Plus, you have to understand that i have no sense of direction.  Zero.  None.  Do not ever ask me for directions.  GPS has been a life-changer for me –  I used to get lost all the time. And still would if i couldn’t tell Siri to  “get directions to home.”

So we’re sitting at this light, like 3 minutes from home, headed for the neighborhood grocery, and he’s in the wrong lane.  Which makes me acutely uncomfortable.  So i squirm a second and then say, “Which way are you going?” only it comes out a bit more plaintive than i had intended.

And he says in a deceptively mild tone, “Which way do you think i should go?”

A bit uncertain now, i say, “Well, i always go left here.”

Just then, the light turns green – we start to move – and I realize the middle lane also turns left. Before i can say anything –

He says, “Well, aren’t you precious, giving me directions…”

Which for some reason made me laugh so hard i almost couldn’t stop.  The “aren’t you precious” was so unexpected from him – plus i remembered that he really had told me not to back-seat drive, so it was a fitting reprimand.  It still makes me chuckle.

And maybe i’ll remember not to do it again!

6:10 – time to make some school lunches before i wake these little ones up and start the get dressed – eat breakfast – brush your teeth – get your stuff – where are your shoes and out the door routine.  Good times ahead…

12 thoughts on “FFF – 9-7

  1. My Dom often will say, “Aww, aren’t you cute, thinking…” and in a vanilla context, the patronizing tone would infuriate me – but when He says it? My little submissive heart gets all aflutter.

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  2. Hi Olivia,
    Sounds like a busy but fun time with the grands. You are doing well with the steps and the 7k is awesome:)

    Sorry you missed date night and that this weekend isn’t looking promising. Your conversation in the car sounds familiar. Always dodgy territory lol. “Which way do you think I should go”…uh oh!


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  3. Hi Olivia … your week sounded like mine …. in charge of the back to school time with the grand littles. We have a wide mix … from the very little, wide eyed first timer to the grunting, eye rolling, teenager :))
    I smiled a your grocery store trip story … its one of the hardest things, zipping our lip while riding in the right hand seat ;)) … hope you have some welcome home time ahead … nj … xx

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  4. So his remark had me busting out laughing! I have to wonder how often he has thought that but never said it! Man I wish we lived closer together so I could help and play with the kids. Congrats for surviving the first week back to school! ❤️

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