Weird Dream

So i had this dream the other night.   We had just bought a house (not sure who “we” was, but anyhow.)  It was huge.

It was so big that after I moved in, I realized there were whole parts of it that I hadn’t even seen.  So I started wandering around trying to find out what was there.

I saw a woman walking through the house, up ahead of me.  I followed her, passing through long hallways and up some stairs.  She never turned back to look at me and I never tried to get her attention, just followed.

She went through parts of the house I’d never seen before.

Finally, she ended up at an apartment – like a studio apartment.  Still inside the house.  And then I knew that she lived there.  She and another woman – it’s not clear in my mind now if I saw the other woman or if i just knew about her, like it can happen in dreams.

I was glad they were there, glad I’d seen them.  I think the woman and I exchanged greetings, and then I woke up, or the dream shifted, and that was all of that.

In the morning, I just thought, “weird, weird, weird.”  Then i remembered the little bit I think I know about dreams.  So the house represents me.  And the women that I hadn’t met and don’t know much about would be parts of my own psyche.   Parts of my self.

I think that’s pretty cool.


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