FFF – 7-27

29,000.  Y’all.  That’s my sad little step count for the week.  Sigh.  I’ve been in class 8 hours/day, from 11-7, and am just worn out.   Some days, I got 2,500 steps and just din’t care.  Today is the last day of class, thank goodness, and we end at 4.

My  neck is f’ed up from looking down at my laptop for too many hours – that actually started last week, and i’ve been trying to adjust for it this week, with a little bit of success.   But there’s still significant discomfort   I’ve ordered some tools that may help – a separate keyboard and a stand to raise the level of my screen, but they won’t be here til Tuesday.  Also yoga blocks so I can raise my chair and still touch the floor.

I had my first appointment with my new doctor and LOVED her.  I would possibly even take statins if she wants me to.  Possibly.  Ok, probably not really.  Did you know they can cause weight gain and an increased risk of diabetes?  Does it make any sense to you that I need to lose weight and to put me on a med that may make me gain weight?  I didn’t think so.

Ok, I just looked at an article on statins and it says that weight gain happens becuase people think being on the med means they can eat anything.  That won’t happen for me.  But how do they know that’s why it happens?  Hmmm…

The the article talks about statins causing muscle pain and weakness.  And adds this:

Muscle pain associated with statins is most often not serious and typically can be resolved by switching to a lower dose, or different statin drug. If you’re taking a statin and notice muscle pain, tenderness or weakness, dark or brown-colored urine, or unexplained tiredness, it’s important to call your doctor right away as that could be a sign of a fortunately rare, but deadly, side effect.

Y’all.  I get all kinds of muscle pains and tenderness that I don’t pay any attention to.  I will probably have that side effect and not even think about it and die.   So ok, no statins.

But I love my doctor, so that’s super cool!!!  AND (did I already tell you this?) she removes skin tags.  She does.  If you don’t have skin tags, you may be unimpressed.  But if you do, you’ll understand how thrilled i am.

Weight range is the same.  I’m getting a bit of organizing done in my office, which is pretty thrilling.  And I have many of my picture hung, finally.

Date night was lovely last week.  He didn’t have anything planned, but ended up taking me to a little restaurant at the beach, where we had a delightful meal.  Then we walked out on the pier and watched the night fishers and those wild and crazy folks who will get in the ocean at night.  It was just nice.

Then we went home, where i was appropriately spanked and played with.  Lot of pleasure all around.  I even got to indulge in a little cock worship, which was lovely.





8 thoughts on “FFF – 7-27

  1. aw that sounds fab. all of it. the statins tho – if it gives you cramps, you’ll know. it’s the kind of “buzzing” ache in the calfs usually, that just WONT go away. usually switching to a night time dose solves the problem. by the time you feel any discomfort you’re asleep. A lot of our patients are on statins, no problems at all. If it’s just borderline – exercise. LOL. i know i know, that’s what you’re trying to do. My belief (from reading medical papers) is that food doesn’t really affect cholesterol. It’s 1) genetic, 2) all to do with exercise. SO GET MOVING! Another reason to up that step count. But yes, I hear you, you’ve been in class. It really sucks when real life gets in the way of wellness. (I get this a lot!)

    Hurray for the doctor. I’m glad you can deal with skin tags too. I know the woes. I got mine sorted last year. Best thing ever!

    Good luck with the posture tools. I hope they help with the discomfort.

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    • Thanks, Fondles, for the input and info. I’ll hang with the exercise for sure now! I’ve got 6 months, so we’ll see what I can do. I agree that it’s genetic though. But my other thing is – I do not want to live to be 90. All the women in my family live to be 90 – well, 85 to 90 – with dementia that last six or seven years. No, thanks. But we’ll see. My numbers are often just right on the wrong side of ok, you know? So maybe there’s hope…


  2. A body with tenderness that you ignore will eventually scream to get your attention. Just ask me. 🙂 (I know, I know, you have a job-missy. You just turned 40, missy. You just wait, missy).
    i’m super glad that you are working to find solutions that don’t hurt your neck more. i would like to add two- one is a bedbuddy. Its sold in walgreens, gets put into a freezer or microwave, and is very long so it can totally cover the neck. It also smells nice. Moist heat and moist cold can do wonders. It would be an easy thing to pack when you are in hotels.
    Another thing i’d mention is finding a really good pillow that is meant to support the neck. For travel, if you roll up towels under you neck, that works well too. Just having softer/more pillows might be making a painful contribution as well.

    i’m delighted you had lovely date night, again. That all sounds really fantastic, yep, even the cock worship. He has worked hard to keep you both a priority, so i hope he enjoyed it even more than you did.
    As an aside, because i may forget between posting here and getting ready to run errands to text you…i have-at long last-finished the beading work! So many another week and you will have a box of love. ❤ i wish i could mail all of my happy little girl hugs for you both and mail those out, too. ❤

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    • Thanks, Bleue – yeah,I have a standing desk, I just need to remember to use it. But it only helps if I don’t have to use the keyboard much while I’m using it, you know?
      And, um, you know me too well. I will do what I feel is best. 🙂 Thanks.
      And thanks!! It was all of those things. ❤


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