FFF – 10-5

Good grief, the weeks fly by.  One minute it’s last Friday, and the next thing I know, I wake up and it’s this Friday.

shallow focus of clear hourglass

AND i’m not doing so well this week in terms of food and nutrition.  Too many carbs.  My glucose levels are not always as low as I want.  Last night, I ate a whole sleeve of Ritz crackers right before I went to bed.  That is NOT GOOD.

My step count is decent thought – apparently, I hit my 7,000/day average goal over the last 7 days, although I’m surprised to see that.  It didn’t seem like I was doing that well.  I guess this why we rely on actual data rather than what it “seems like.”  🙂

My weight is inching up a bit though – not actually gaining, just showing up in the upper ends of my range.  Which is another reason to get the food situation under control again.

But i miss carbs.  Pasta. Doritos.  I love those things soooo much, you don’t know.  Ice cream.  Ice cream is the best.    Sigh.  And it’s not like I can’t ever have any, but that’s a slippery slope, one that i’m all too ready to slide down with gusto.

Sir and i have been having date night, and that’s been great, but not playtime.  Which has been ok, i haven’t actually been in the mood.  But I think i probably need to be spanked.

i think – i might be wrong, but i think – that Sir is not pushing it because of the things that are happening in this country with men and abuse and so on.  i think he’s been wise to not push, i have been having a really hard time.  And of course it’s not the same at all.

But still.  I have felt like my skin was over-sensitive, like – like i would cringe away from touch.  Yeah.

So now i need to ask him.  i think i can do that.  Of course i can do that.  There was a time that i wouldn’t have, but the times, they are a-changing.   i will just say it.

(Yes, i have to do this…  If you can’t see it or play, it’s Bob Dylan from 1964 doing “The Times They Are A-Changing.”  Of course.)

I’ll just do it.  “Sir, i think i need to be spanked, please.”

i can do that.  Of course i can.  And then he’ll do it and we’ll both be glad we did.

Maybe i’ll practice saying it first.  In the mirror.  But it would be silly not to do it.  It’s like it’s own special form of self-care.

Oh, hmmmm, I just did it.   He’s sitting at the table near-by (and can’t see what i’m writing.)  But i just leaned over and quietly said it.

And he agreed.  With some enthusiasm.  And thanked me for acknowledging the need and asking.  Sweet!!  And now i don’t have to worry about it anymore.


8 thoughts on “FFF – 10-5

  1. Hi Olivia,
    Awesome on the step count! I need to work on food intake too. Way too much sweet stuff, it’s hard.
    Glad you have been having date nights. Good on you for asking, that is definitely not easy to do.


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    • Thanks, Roz, the food thing is super hard and after I’ve done it for a while, I feel like I should get a break, only, you know, then it’s hard to come off break Sigh. ❤


  2. oh great job on the step counts. sometimes i think i’ve walked a lot and the actual number is no where near what I imagined. And at other times i don’t think it’s all that high but I’m pleasantly surprised at the end of the day. So yeah, rely on the actual count – it’s usually more accurate that way 🙂

    my weakness is chips. potato chips. can’t seem to stay away. i eat a little bit every night. it keeps me happy. and knowing that i can have some every day means i wont have to finish the whole bag in one sitting. that might work for you… i dont know. it does for me.

    i pour a bowl out and eat that then stop and look forward to tomorrow’s serving!

    I’ve been having a tough time recently with feeling the mood too, the last 2 times I couldn’t even ask for a spanking. BIKSS had me turn over and gave me some loving hand spanks. No paddle no cane no nothing. just his hand. I don’t think i could have managed anything MORE than just his hand too, so good call, that.

    glad you managed to ask for what you needed. i usually don’t have a problem asking, but there’s always a first time for everything i guess.

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    • Dear Fondles,

      I just realized I didn’t actually answer this comment. I’m so sorry!! I love your strategy for indulging a bit and then stopping. I think that’s the heart of mindful eating. Unfortunately, mine is more mindless eating… Although – I’ve been buying a muffin on the way to the beach on Sunday morning and throwing half of it away. I feel pretty good about that. Except, you know, for the starving children.

      Lol, if you’re good at asking for what you need, that will probably not change. It’s something I’ve been working on for years, and apparently I’m better – although still not great. ❤


  3. My answer to my eating weaknesses … do not let them in the house! … of course with kidlets around and about often thats not always easy to do. Good on you for sticking with your FFF efforts.
    Happy to hear you’re asking for (it’s hard, isnt it?) and hopefully getting what you want :)) … nj .. xx

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    • That is my preferred choice too- don’t keep the stuff in the house. Unfortunately,Sir eats junk food all the time, so there’s always stuff here.

      It is hard to ask but I think it’s going to work out… Thanks, NJ!


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