FFF – 11-23

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, including acknowledging the genocide of indigenous people which underlies the establishment of this country.  Then we had a Thanksgiving feast and appreciated each other and the bounty in our lives.  It was just the 5 of us – me and Sir, my daughter and the grands – but we had a lovely time.  And there was pie. 

 And other good news this week:  Step Count Average is back up to 4, 565.  Which may be kind of sad still, but at least it’s better than last week!  As David says, “Progress, Not Perfection.”

I’m still not feeling fabulous, I have some kind of cold/cough combo that I can’t seem to shake. I went to my doctor, who did not prescribe antibiotics because it is apparently not bacterial.  So I have killer cough syrup for nights, decongestants and nose spray, vitamin c and zinc.  It hasn’t kept me from doing things for the most part, and I’ve only taken a few spare hours of down time.  But it does keep me from feeling really good and I’m wracked with coughing fits that are miserable for me and probably for everyone one around me too.

In any case, as I count my blessings, know that this blogging community and each of you is on my list of “What I’m Grateful For…” 

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