FFF 11-30 – on Saturday, 12-1

I’ve been sick, still, for a whole ‘nother week,.  I finally called my doctor back and told her I was getting worse rather than better.  I had managed to keep working, but she felt tired and crappy.  She prescribed some antibiotics, which is apparently what I needed. 

Anyhow, I left the house yesterday for the first time, which was super exciting, and I met my step goal for the first time in ages.  So you can imagine how bad my average is.  Ok, my average is 3,200, but that includes yesterday’s total of 8,370.  I can tell when I was feeling my worst – last Sunday and Monday with 1,200 and 1,600 step counts.  I start doing better on Tuesday – right after I started the antibiotics.  So yay for me. 

Anyhow.  I haven’t even weighed myself in a while, so there’s that.  And this is now, possibly, the most boring blog ever.   Is there a contest for that?   Maybe not, but there are lots of images…

Well.  I guess you get the idea.  At least it’s a boring in a couple of different medias!!

Don’t forget COOKIES are coming soon!!  Stay tuned – December 5 is next Wednesday -yummy deliciousness ahead!!

15 thoughts on “FFF 11-30 – on Saturday, 12-1

  1. Aww maaaan!! You too?
    Im just about headed to bed as i read this and i’ve scheduled my recap post to go up in a couple of hours. But i’ll add your link when i get to a computer ok?

    Meanwhile, feel better!

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    • (Sorry, i meant “you too” with the lingering cough, not being ill. I knew u were ill. Wait. Im assuming its the lingering cough. But i might be guessing wrong. Im talking sleepy talk here, clearly.)

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      • Yes, me too with the lingering cough!! Which I’m really sick of. No worries about the recap, whenever you add me is lovely. You know how much I love that you do that in the first place. And hope that cough goes away- all the frigging way away!!


  2. Actually I love your blog. It is not boring, but an honest report on your life and outlook. I need this. You, being human in all you observe, experience and report, are who and what I need to read about. In so doing you validate our common humanity. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Hi Olivia,

    I had to giggle at your boring blog comments. Definitely not boring to me 🙂 I ‘m so sorry you have been sick and hope you are feeling better soon.


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