Three More Days and Counting…

Today, I’m making vegetable soup and cookies. And tonight, we’re going to do our annual drive-around-and look-at-lights with the grands. At least, that’s the plan. Also, I need to do some clean-up, straightening and organizing. And probably 30 other things that just aren’t on the list yet. So it will help if I get started in a minute here.

In a heartbeat, my life shifts from “Oh, there’s plenty of time to do everything,” to “Omg, I’ve got to hurry up and get everything done now!” But it’s ok. There is always time to do the things that need to be done.

If youall are tired of following the ups and downs of the roller coaster in my brain, I totally understand that. But once again, I’m feeling myself trying to get re-centered. Ready to start marketing myself/ my business. But in the meantime, I feel like I need to keep looking for the things that will help me connect with my own energy flow.

{The mean little saboteur in my head yawns. “How many times do we have to listen to this, Olivia?” she asks. “Can’t you just get it together and stay there?}

No, apparently, I can’t. Today, that doesn’t bother me. I’m reading a book called The Art of Flaneuring: How To Wander with Intention and Discover a Better Life. I think it was written specifically for wanderers like me. There are many ways to be in the world…

“Well, my friends give me purple flowers and orange tea
and goosedown spinning quilts and torquoise chairs
we greet one another in a wild profusion of words
and wave farewell amidst the wonderment of air
In the laughing times we know we are lucky
In the quiet times we know that we are blessed
And we will not be alone”
― Dar Williams

2 thoughts on “Three More Days and Counting…

    • Thanks, Roz!! And its funny, isn’t it, how time gets away from us? (And as soon as I say that, it’s just a cliche… interesting.)

      Anyhow. So glad you liked the quote!! 💜


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