FFF – 4-6

My scale is packed – i don’t know if i lost, gained, or stayed the same.  Stay tuned til next week for any big announcements on that!

I’m only part way through the week with my Fitbit so i’m going to be reporting the step count from last week each time i check in.  The count for the week was just a little bit under 30,000, which means I only averaged a little bit over 4,000 steps per day.  i think that’s kind of pathetic, but when you factor in that i have a very sedentary job – well, it is what it is.  It’s good to have a low baseline, and i can still improve this week.

FWIW, there’s almost no clutter in my life at the moment.  Um, yeah, it’s all in boxes.  Except for my super messy desk, which is going to be a last minute thing.

The best thing to report is that six days out of the last seven my glucose readings have all been in the normal range.  That’s taking them at different times each day, so that’s good.  The one that was too high was clearly the result of some over-indulgence, and even it wasn’t too terrible.

Ok, whew, report done.

And i’m on vacation. Sing it, opera style:  Vaaaaa-caaaaa-tionnnn!!  Hit a high note on that last syllable.  There ya go! Or you could do it like the figaro-figaro-figaro song.  You know, from the opera Figaro.  If you don’t know what I mean, youtube it.  Figaro’s Aria, about the 3 minute mark.

I went to look it up and discovered with some sense of dismay that i know a whole bunch of those opera songs.  Funiculi Funicula for one, which just made me giggle.  I could sing “Vacation” to that tune too.  AND i know La Donna e Mobile!   i think – i guess my mother used to play them?  Or sing them?  I don’t really know the words to them – ok, sometimes the refrain.  Not the verses.  But I sure know the music and the feel of them.  Which is probably not so weird – except i didn’t quite realize it.


I’m beginning to think about what  i want to do with this time off work, other than moving stuff.  i suggested to MP that we go somewhere out of town this weekend – there are a couple of place under two hours away that would be fun – but he doesn’t want to do that.  “First weekend in our new home…”  So ok.

But i really don’t want to spend all my time doing the necessary and mundane.  Clearly it will be up to me to craft a plan that works for me.  i challenge myself now to do at least one thing that is just for me every day.

This is Day One.  I’m going to get my hair done – that counts I think – and going out with my sister and brother-in-law for a while tonight.  MP will join us when he can.  Mabye tomorrow i’ll make a list of things to consider in making my plans – things i would enjoy.  Maybe i’ll write some erotica.  Definitely going to walk on the beach more than once.  Maybe do something else with my sister.   Maybe…

{Wanders off thinking of all the pleasures ahead…}


12 thoughts on “FFF – 4-6

  1. I used to play La Donna e Mobile. i love the tune! And hurray for glucose readings! That’s a win! And the fitbit – yes, that’s why i report up to the Sunday that has passed – it’s also easier to write a post anytime from Monday to Thursday and schedule it for Friday. That way I wont have to scramble and spit out an update at the last minute! LOL Happy Day One and doing your hair. That definitely counts!

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    • Oh fabulous – I love that you know that song! Yeah, your way of doing FFF makes sense, I might start that too. although I am really better at last minute posts… but we’ll see! Thanks for the support!


  2. Hi Olivia,
    Vacation, wonderful! Happy Day 1! I love your idea of doing something for you each day, doiing your hair counts! How exciting! Wishing you a smooth move.

    Thank is great news on the glucose levels and good that you have a baseline on the fitbit.



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