Moving Day at Last!

Finally.  When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be in the new house.  Yikes.  And I won’t have internet.  Booo.  So I know my treat tomorrow will be going to my favorite cafe and getting on-line.

In keeping with my effort to make sure i do something for myself everyday, i looked at the list of 100 Pleasurable Activities for Adults and got some ideas from that.  That was kind of fun all by itself.  And I danced yesterday, just in the living room, amid the 100 boxes.  Chuck Berry and the Twist – which, just for the record, I was still a child when that came out.  But I can still do the twist.  Maybe not as well as I once did.

And I committed a radical act of rebellion.  Brace yourselves.  I changed the steps goal on my Fitbit.  Yes, i really did.  10,000 steps just seems ridiculously unlikely to me – even yesterday, when i was moving around almost all day, i wasn’t even close.  Remember, my average last week was only about 4,000 steps /day.  What are the chances that i’m going to do 2 and a half times that many today and most days?  Slim to none.  So I changed it to 7,000 steps.  That’s still a stretch, but not utterly out of reach.  I’ll keep it at 7,000 for a month and then raise the bar if appropriate.  (Which, for some reason, makes me think about doing the Limbo and shades of my youth.  You know, lowering the bar…  I was going to add a picture for that, but the images were almost all of people who looked like they were drinking.  A lot.  Maybe there’s a reason for that.)


In other news, i think my Chakras are probably a bit unbalanced, but i’m not sure yet what to do about it.  i think my Sacral Chakra is overactive, my heart Chakra might be a bit overactive, and my Third Eye Chakra might be underactive.  But it’s not so much that there needs to be balance between, or among, them.  Each one needs to be in its own balance. Lots to think about and explore here.

Ok.  Time to get to work.  Good times ahead…



15 thoughts on “Moving Day at Last!

  1. Very exciting! And, I think it is good to modify your goals to keep them in-line with your current abilities. It is good to push yourself, but if something is just un-doable, there is no point in setting yourself for failure. Hope your first night in your new place goes well 🙂

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  2. Yay for moving and unpacking and decluttering all at once. it’s the best time to do some clearing out! and if you need to adjust the fitbit, adjust it. Why should you have to conform to other people’s ideas of what the “norm” is? do what’s doable for YOU. Happy moving!

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