Day Six of My Vacation

Day SIX???  HOW can it be day six?  I don’t feel 6 days worth of vacated — I mean, vacationed.  This is hump day for my vacation too – 5 days before, 5 days left after today.

Ok, no point in bemoaning the end while I’m in the middle.  Yesterday, i spent most of the day working on getting the last items out of the apartment and unpacking enough that we can live in the house.  Um, barely live.  But still…  Also arranging and rearranging furniture.  No coffee shop for me.  Had a late lunch with MP that was pretty delicious though, so that was nice.

And then – last night, when I was just too tired to  open/move/decide one more thing – i treated myself to Skinwalker, first book in the Jane Yellowrock series that Jz mentioned.    It is just as lovely as Jz suggested that it might be.  So that was my big pleasure yesterday – discovering a whole new series, available in seconds on my lovely Kindle.  Read just long enough that I couldn’t keep my eyes open one more second, and stumbled off to bed.

Today I’ll be unpacking and cleaning and putting away for the most part.  This evening, I’m going to a yoga class with my one friend here – one and only, so far.  But that’s exciting.  AND if the sun comes out and it warms up like they’re promising, I’m going to try to slip away for a beach walk.  We’ll see.


12 thoughts on “Day Six of My Vacation

  1. Hi Olivia, wow, day 6? Sounds like you are getting a nice mix of working/organising time and pleasure time. That is awesome that you have made a new friend already. Hope you make it for that beach walk.


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    • It is really nice the way it’s going so far. I’m pretty excited too about having a friend (although, I’ve been here a year…) But I don’t actually make friends easily, so it’s pretty cool. I’m gonna push for the beach too, thanks for the encouragement!


    • Oh – I’m so sorry – about your weather! Yes. I will enjoy it for you too. 🙂 Also we’re agreed on book buying! Thanks for the encouragement (um, not that i actually need it…)


  2. Book buying is a great ANYTIME activity. I just put down some cash at a bookstore myself. The one thing I never regret buying!

    Have a good beach walk if you manage it. If not, keep reading! It’s a good enough way to spend your vacation as any!

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