FFF – 4-13

Reporting in – my scale is still in a box somewhere, one of the 3 or 4 left that say “Bathroom.”  We’re losing some bathroom space in this move, which is why one reason everything is not unpacked yet.  Also because there are a million boxes. Ok, not a million – but honestly 100.  I know because they’re numbered.

I think i might have lost a pound – i’m not over-eating and i’m getting a lot more movement in my life.  But who knows.

Regardless, i’m feeling good.  Physically, just more comfortable and – stretched out, i guess.

Oh – step count!   Last week, i did a little bit over 35,000 – which is considerably better than the week before, when I only did about 28,000.  So i’ve gone from an average of 4,000/day to an average of about 5,000.  Woohooo!  But i’m killing ’em this week, just wait for next week’s results!  Oh, course the real challenge will be to see if i can keep it up once i’m back at work, but no point in crossing bridges this far ahead of time.

As for organizing stuff- omg, that’s really the main thing i’m doing!

For fun- yesterday, i had my sister and brother-in-law over for dinner – take-in, seafood, of course.   Grilled shrimp and grilled flounder.  About one-fourth of a baked potato and half a hush puppy.  (Which we were just talking about over at Jz’s place!  Hush puppies, that is.)

Started a blog post yesterday, but didn’t get around to finishing it.  Maybe tomorrow.   Still reading and enjoying Jane YellowRock.

And that’s it!   Goal for today is to replace all the contact paper and unpack the kitchen.  Going out for brunch with my sister this morning – sunrise on the beach tomorrow – this is the life!

14 thoughts on “FFF – 4-13

  1. Hi Olivia,

    Way to go on increasing the step count! Awesome that you are feeling better and noticing a difference, that counts more than what the scales say 🙂 Sunrise at the beach sounds wonderful.



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