No Title

I have used up all my cute titles. Seriously. I started to put, It's Me, It's Me, It's Ernest T," which I think is from Andy Griffith, right? But I wasn't even amused, so that was a big "never mind." Oh, well. I could have called it "Angst Dump" right? But that would not have … Continue reading No Title


His hands steadied her. Standing up, she almost lost her balance, and she might have fallen, but his hands around her waist were firm. She stood in front of him, eyes downcast. He settled in his chair. “Legs open, a bit more,” he said. Obediently, she shifted, widening her stance. “Hands behind your back, girl,” … Continue reading Holding

Catching Up

At night, I fall into bed, exhausted. I put my ocean waves meditation on my phone and usually fall asleep quickly. Every few days, or maybe once a week, I remind myself that orgasms are a relaxation tool too. It’s a purely mechanical release, although I do have a fantasy or two just to get … Continue reading Catching Up