That's what I feel like right now. Once again, I can sense the possibilities of the universe - or at least some possibilities for me. I am connecting with a community that understands trauma. I guess that sounds weird. But a truly trauma-informed setting can make us feel like we're being held gently, appreciated for … Continue reading Loading…

A Slave

As you may know, I am a huge fan of Slave Shae. If you don't follow her already, you may want to. I've become a bit addicted to the series of posts she's doing with a theme of being shared with a Dom she doesn't know, one whom her Mistress has loaned her to. Addicted … Continue reading A Slave

Hard Truths

So here’s a thing. Maya Angelou, I think, says, ”when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” I’m not always so good at that, but once I finally get there, I’m there. I was also raised to believe you don’t talk about family problems in public. Sometimes, I adhere to that, … Continue reading Hard Truths

It’s me

Just popping in… I’m working a lot, but not too much. Not getting rich, but keeping the wolf from the door. Still moving every day, getting my steps in - not 10,000, but closer than I used to be. Progress, not perfection, right? In other news, I have a therapist I really, really like. He … Continue reading It’s me


Nope, that wasn't my Dom. It's over before it began. All the fluttery thrills of yesterday are like dust in the wind. (Yes, that's also in a song. No, I'm not posting it here.) No, I don't know why. He sent one last, short, sharp message and disappeared. For a minute, I was thinking, "Wait, … Continue reading Nope