September Prompts

i found these from Han over on Infinitesimal Thoughts and thought it would be fun to do some of them as we move into September.  Of course, that doesn’t start til tomorrow, but I thought I’d post the list today in case someone else wants to use them.  (Ok, today is the 1st – wrote this yesterday.  Sorry.)

1 The best part of fall
2 Where I want to be
3 How does content look like
4 Something I want to try
5 This week successes
6 My first memory of one friend
7 Advice to ignore
8 What encourages me?
9 How do I encourage others?
10 Something to share
11 A time I made a good choice
12 My favourite meal
13 An important truth
14 The thing that gives me hope
15 The last library I viisited
16 A minor roadblock in my life
17 One thing to do today
18 What am I waiting for?
19 What really matters
20 A way to relax
21 A celebration
22 One thing not to worry about
23 Three good thoughts
24 The best part of a rainy day
25 A simple pleasure
26 What have I learned today?
27 The best restaurant in my town
28 One thing I wish I could do
29 My best quality
30 One thing I say I think, but really don’t

Today, i feel like i am just finding my way through the days and weeks ahead of me – if that makes sense.  i don’t feel sad or miserable, i feel – competent.  Skillful.  Lot of challenges ahead of me, but i feel like i can negotiate them.

MP bought me a stainless steel collar.  It’s to wear to events we may go to in the future.  It’s heavy – he had me try it on – and can only be opened and closed with an allen wrench.


It’s so heavy that even after i took it off, i could still feel it weighing on my skin for a little while.


It is September 1st now and i guess i should do the first prompt.  (Not guaranteeing i’ll keep up with this, but we’ll see.)

The best part of fall… is not having to still wear summer clothes, because I’m tired of everything i own after wearing them all summer.  Being comfortably cool.  And pretty leaves.

Of course none of that makes up for knowing that winter is on the way.  Nope.  But i’ll try to live in the moment and enjoy fall for what it is.  I’ll try not to view it as simply a harbinger of the bitter cold that dismays me.




5 thoughts on “September Prompts

  1. Grins- I love the collar and eventually you don’t notice the weight anymore. I know that seems impossible but it happens. I wonder if he would he let you wear it on the weekends too. It’s lovely and I’m delighted for you. And I’ll play along bc I love lists. 💙

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    • Yeah, i like the collar, and i’ll take your word for it about the weight. i won’t ask him to let me wear it on weekends – at the risk of bursting your bubble, MP has never collared me, not even back when he was my Sir. After we started living together, one day, he started to put one of the collars he’d made on me and said, “Well, I guess you’re collared now,” and i was like, “no, we haven’t even talked about what that would mean! What am i agreeing to?” and he had no answer. And never pursued. So the collar is not a symbol of belonging to him. i’ll wear it at events – it does symbolize a commitment of sorts to him – but not at home.

      I am however excited about you playing along with the list!! 🙂 Love you.

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  2. I loooove your new collar, it’s so pretty. I would really like to have one similar one day.

    Thanks for posting the list of prompts. I think I’ll jump in on them and see how many I can do, I try to blog daily so maybe it will give me a little jumping off point.


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