How Does Content Look?

Well, it might look like this:

Woman walking on the beach back

(young woman walking on beach)

Or maybe like this, if you’re a non-beach person:


(Young woman looking out over mountains)

Or if you use the Alarm Clock Sex Toy, it might look like this:


(woman’s face, perhaps orgasmic)

The “alarm clock” looks like this:


and you wear it to bed, inside your panties.  It wakes you up by vibrating.  So presumably, you would wake up really happy.  According to the article:

The device has 27 ultra-quiet levels of intensity (plus three more monster-loud ones for your deep sleepers).

What’s not to love about that?  If i woke up with an orgasm, i would probably be so content, i’d fall back asleep.



8 thoughts on “How Does Content Look?

  1. Hell, if I didn’t have to get up until 9:44, I’d be smiling anyhow, no matter if anything was buzzing or vibrating or what have you! (And why are the words, “more money than sense” going through my head right now??)

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    • Ooooh, that sounded pretty ageist of me, didn’t it? And makes me realize that when i googled women on the beach and woman in the mountains, all the images i got were young women. Hmmmm. And yes, adding a vibrator would be good. 🙂


      • See, I didn’t say that, cuz I’m always being told I’m too pedantic and chose not to go there.
        But yeah, when I scrolled past the third picture, I was braced to read, “young woman’s face…”
        (and then I got distracted by the ridiculous time on the absurd alarm clock… ;-p)

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