An Amazing Dom…

Dominant Soul. Do youall know about this person? He has a blog, and has been writing there since July, 2012, and started blogging in 2008. He has several thousand followers and several million views. How come I didn’t even know about him? Isn’t somebody in charge of making sure I know important things like this?

Ok, just kidding… (although I might be giving you a tiny bit of side-eye Jade, but I don’t know why I would expect you to know!) Anyhow…

Anyhow, I kind of fell in love with the things he says. When I read this post, I felt like he’d named me. I knew I had to share it here. Alpha Female and Submissive Vixen: Two Sides of One Coin.

Now I have to admit that I also felt like the Warrior Princess Submissive thing resonated with me, til I found out that Michael Makai had gotten in significant trouble with teenagers. And, in fairness, once I knew that, I realized that his belief about how these submissive women were going to save Dominant men from a judgmental culture was not exactly admirable.

So, I am a bit hesitant to go into a full-blown rave about Dominant Soul and how wonderful his approach of sensual domination is – except I’m pretty excited about it. His description of the Alpha Female fits me, and his description of the kind of Dominant I she would want is – well, it goes like this:

Women in positions of power or in professions where they constant make decisions (Doctors, lawyers, Prinicipals, CEO/Executives, Business Owners/Entrepreneurs) wear armour and project an image of arrogance, strength and independence. They are constantly in control in their lives and that tells me they likely don’t want to be in control in bed. It’s a power dynamic. They have a wall up.

Men who try to impress women of this kind with accomplishments, power or wealth exude insecurities. Bragging of accomplishments is a sure sign of insecurities. Controlling and domineering behaviour indicates he is high insecure. Avoid this kind of man at all costs.

You will be looking for a man who extremely confidence who exudes a quiet calm and who is not looking to impress you. He is smart and successful but doesn’t need to impress you. He likely sees you as an equal in terms of intelligence and success. That quiet confidence is your indication that he is an alpha male.

He just described Lucas, didn’t he?

I admit, Dominant Soul’s interactions with the woman in this post, who he describes as an Alpha female, gave me a moment’s pause – I was looking for clear consent to the spanking – but I think it was there, although maybe not in words. And based on all of the posts I read, I’m willing to give him the benefit of any doubt in the situation.

I also liked that when I commented on his post, he responded quickly, even though there are about 200 comments on that post. That was cool too. (Yes, I might have some hero worship going on, like back in my early days when I couldn’t believe ‘nilla and a few other bloggers were being so nice to me…)

The D/s he describes is different from what lots of people participate in, and I’m curious to hear what y’all think…


12 thoughts on “An Amazing Dom…

  1. I lOVED his post!!! 😀 He gained another follower thanks to your share. He described quite well the type of D/s relationship I have with my husband.

    Over the years, scene specific negotiations haven’t been part of my play with any of my partners unless we’re trying new things which are pushing my limits. The natural chemistry and my compliance are consent enough. With my Daddy this is even more true. I’ve never used a safe word with Him, though i’ve given verbal cues asking Him to change directions.

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  2. Oh dear, I’ve been reading him for years. Just assumed others had too. I mean there is an entirely other world out there lol!

    I have such a difficult time with labels and types of submissives. I get that the descriptions help people not feel alone, or dispel myths that submissives have to be wallflowers, but we all know that really isn’t true, right? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE DV but the Alpha submissive description for example, says these types of ‘women’ are basically all professionals. More of a stereotype than not. Same with the Dom that deals with her, ideally they are successful, but they don’t have to be MORE successful than she, or even a stereotypical type of success. LMAO I”m rambling I know.

    Happy to know you found a ‘new’ blogger you can relate to.


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    • Hi, Willie! I guess now I know who to blame for not telling me about Dominant Soul’s blog, right? What else are you keeping from me? Lol…

      I’m not sure what you mean when you say “there is an entirely other world out there…” but yes, that’s true in many contexts!

      Beyond that – there are different types of D/s and different types of kink. For example, my friend Jade’s life is extremely different from yours. While labels in themselves may not be helpful, when I read something that really resonates with me, when it makes me feel seen and understood, I deeply appreciate it.

      It’s good to see you!


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