Wednesday Wellness Once Again

Now that I’m fully in the New Year, it’s time to get serious about getting healthy again. I’ve been such a slacker in some ways.

My step count is sad. But – I have a new activity to track with my bike. And I think that dance class will register as activity although it may not be as many steps as it should be. (“Should be” meaning “as I should get credit for in a fair and just world,” hahahha)

  • Step count avg: 4, 837 (sedentary! 😒 range 2,100 – 6,700
  • Outdoor Bike: 25 minutes
  • Sleep: avg 5 hrs, 30 min.
  • Weight: somewhere between 164 and 166

Ok, not a great beginning. But I’m hoping to get seriously on track this year.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness Once Again

  1. Every little change helps. ♥ Daddy and i just included some of those very things in the start of our discussions around deepening our D/s dynamic. More outside time… even a stroll around the neighborhood every day, less TV. Taking some of the junk food out of our diet. Not all, but getting a little cleaner. (A must for me! Celiac disease and diabetes)

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      • Nope. No need, really. The decrease in stress alone is enough tracking. ♥ My body feels better within a few days of eating no dairy, gluten, soy or sugar. Snacking is hard when you eliminate all of those things. lol

        Today we did heavy duty house cleaning. IMO that counts as more exercise than anything I could plan and do outside aside from a massive hike or something.


  2. Don’t over think it . Your weight seems to stay pretty consistent. Keep moving’s never as bad as you think..and I sleep about the same .. probably not enough …stay motivated .

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    • Lol, yes, my weight is consistently 15-25 pounds higher than I’d like it to be!! You’re probably right about the sleep, and sometimes I don’t worry about it, but then I read another article about the link between weight and sleep and… then I start overthinking it. Plus, I feel tired too much!! On the other hand, I like the laissez faire approach.


  3. Hi Olivia,

    I definitely need to get motivated to exercise more and cut out a lot of sweet foods. Now that I am back at work after the Christmas holiday I am to get back to walking the stairs.

    The bike and dance class definitely count!


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    • Walking the stairs is good! Cutting out sweets is too. I remember when I worked in an office how people would bring their leftover Xmas goodies in til – probably just about this time of year!! 💜


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