I’ve been reading the Master’s of the Castle series. Again. It is so much fun… and so arousing.

Going to dance class in a few minutes, just wanted to pop in here…

A post of Bleue’s has made me really take a step back and look at my marketing issues in a new light. I realized that I really hate the way we (coaches) are taught to market. Aside from my reluctance to put my self on the line publicly, I hate the way that’s recommended to do it. I have to think some more about what that means…

I went to the beach yesterday – much to my surprise, they’re in the middle of dredging and replenishing. Not what I expected, but it needed to happen, and they may be done by Saturday. In any case, it is what it is.

It was not as bleak as the picture looks, so that’s good. We’ll be able to walk and play on the beach even if they’re not done (at least I think we will.) And I have some serious thinking to do. I’d like to come home on Sunday with a plan.

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