No Kidding

This may be the best win-win situation ever. In fact, it’s soooo good, I feel a little bit guilty. Not a lot guilty, just a twinge. (I was raised Catholic you know, so if it feels too good, it’s a bit suspect.)

My daughter’s birthday is on the horizon. I have been contemplating what to get her. I had planned to babysit the kids for a few hours on Saturday so she could get some work done. Like any single mom, working full-time, raising two kids, and trying to start a business, she doesn’t have much free time. She was saying something about that when I got a truly brilliant idea.

“What if…” I said, pausing for dramatic effect, “What if I gave you 24 hours of free time? For your birthday. Would that be a good birthday present?”

The words were barely out of my mouth before she pumped her fist and cried, “Omg, yes!”

So – here’s where the brilliance comes into play – MP and I are going to take the kids and spend the night at the beach. You know, not on the beach, but in a room with 2 queen beds and an ocean view. My daughter was even more thrilled when she realized we were actually leaving and not just letting her go out while I babysat.

I’m thrilled because we’ll be on the beach and youall know how I feel about that. The kids are thrilled because they love hotels and going places and we might go swimming and they can play in the sand. And it’s a double rush for me cause it comes with a dash of virtue – it’s a gift for her!! How often can you say, “Oh, yeah, for my daughter’s birthday, I took a mini-vacation at the beach.” Lol, lol…

This picture represents how I feel. I don’t actually jump. I’m 63 years old, y’all, that’s not happening. But my daughter and I have both been dancing all over the house…

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