Connections – Part II {16}

“Good,” said Lucas, “Very good.” His hand in her hair kept her from going any further down on his cock, so she focused on using her mouth and tongue as best she could, restricted to the head of his penis. She was in no hurry anyhow.

Sofia loved cock worship. Not a blow job or even just cock-sucking, cock-worship involved being in tune with what this cock wanted. It was about acknowledging the power of masculine energy, manifested in the cock, and appreciating it. When she expressed that appreciation with her mouth, it was only peripherally about Lucas, as the owner of this cock. Much more than that, it was an alliance between her and the cock.

But she couldn’t ignore Lucas, so she pulled back back long enough to ask permission. “May I have more, please, Sir? May I take him deeper?”

He paused, but only for a moment, looking at her, kneeling in front of him, tousled hair, mouth poised hopefully. He laughed. “Yes,” he said, “You may.”

She worked her way down slowly, tasting him, enjoying the texture, letting him fill her mouth. Her mouth was very wet, and each time she drew back, she swirled her tongue, tasting him again. Lucas moaned, and Sofia moaned a bit with pleasure herself.

At last she was ready to take him completely into her mouth, knowing that his cock would hit the back of her throat, wanting to feel that contact. She relaxed the muscles at the back of her throat as she slid down, which allowed her to accept the whole shaft without gagging. She held him there, moving up and down a bit. Hitting the back of her throat over and over caused her eyes to water and tears ran down her cheeks.

At last she pulled back, sliding almost all the way back up, her tongue caressing the head again for a moment before she slid completely back down. He gasped, and “Oh, nice,” he said, as she repeated the sequence.

She didn’t know how long this went on. She cupped his balls with one hand, feeling them heavy and full, squeezing very gently. Releasing them, she stroked the inside of his thigh, still focused primarily on the cock filling her mouth.

“I’m going to cum,” he said, and she smiled at his surprise. She sped up the pace of her mouth, sliding up and down more quickly. anchoring the base of his cock with her hand, wet and slippery from the wetness of her mouth. Moving hand and mouth in tandem, she began the rhythmic strokes that would lead to orgasm.

He let her take him almost to the end. Then, “Hold still,” he said, “Hold your mouth still,” and he began to thrust himself, hitting the rhythm and speed he wanted, fucking her mouth until, with a loud cry, “Oh – oh – Sofia, oh, my god,” he came. She tasted his sperm, and swallowed quickly, feeling pleased with herself and the cock.

When he was finished, she rested her head on his thigh, tired and content. She was so aroused, her whole body throbbed. Nipples erect and sensitive, pussy soaked, even her skin felt like that slightest touch would make her shiver. He stroked her hair, caressed her cheek, and she purred.

“Sofia,” he said. “Good lord, woman, I had no intention of going that far.” Sofia smiled to herself, she and the cock had had every intention of taking him that far all along.

She could sense his body relaxing in the chair and she relaxed in her place on the floor. She wanted to cum herself – her body wanted to cum – and at the same time, she was content to leave that up to him. He would let her cum when he wanted to.

They were quiet for a few minutes. Sofia left one hand resting on his cock, knowing that the air would seem cold after the warmth of her mouth.

Finally, Lucas stirred. “Whew,” he said. “That was something. Nice. I could just go right to sleep now. I don’t know when I’ve felt this relaxed.” Those words made Sofia’s heart swell with pleasure. He went on, “But I’ve got to go downstairs. And I’m taking you with me. When we come back, I might let you cum, but we have work to do first. Well, I have work to do.”

“Of course, Sir,” Sofia said. “I’ll be happy to go with you, and of course my pleasure is in your hands.” She thought she sounded a bit formal in her response, but she wanted him to know that she had given him pleasure without expecting an exchange or a return.

Pleased at this response, Lucas kissed the top of her head, pinched a nipple gently. He had thought she might protest at having to wait and understood that she was signalling a deeper layer of submission and acceptance than he had expected.

“Then let’s go,” he said, standing and helping her to her feet. She was a bit stiff from having been on the floor so long, and he had her stretch a bit, reaching up, then touching her toes. She was a bit embarrassed, the movements exposed her completely, and he was watching closely. But it also made her feel cared for and heightened her awareness of his control.

“I have a dress for you to wear, if you’re willing,” he said. “And a collar of consideration. You know, it’s not a permanent collar, since we’re still considering each other, but it would mark you as mine this evening.” He grinned, “Without getting tattooed.”

Sofia laughed, “That sounds lovely,” she said.

“Go, then,” he said, “I’ll take the bathroom off the Master bedroom,” he laughed, “Of course. You know, Master gets the Master bathroom. And you can use the bathroom off the other room. Don’t shower, just do the minimum you need to do to be ready to go downstairs. You may wear your bra if you like, but don’t bother with underwear, please.”

“Yes, Sir,” Sofia answered quickly, happy to know what she needed to do, and ready to follow instructions.

“When you’re ready,” Lucas continued, “Present yourself here at the door to the Master bedroom. Don’t put your bra on, just bring it with you. You may stand, but place your hands behind your head, please, and wait for me.”

“Yes, Sir,” said Sofia, feeling a bit less enthusiastic. That posture was a bit challenging for her, not physically, but emotionally. But she headed off to the bathroom to get ready.

She cleaned up a bit, brushed her hair, freshened her make-up and pulled a different bra from her suitcase. Presented herself at the door to the Master bedroom, somewhat reluctantly placing her hands behind her head. She lowered her eyes, took advantage of the wait to notice her breathing, to calm and center herself. To remind herself that she was here for his pleasure.

So she was very composed when Lucas approached her. Even his gaze didn’t bother her. He stroked a breast and “Open your legs wider,” he said. He stroked her wet pussy, sliding a finger inside her, making her whimper. He pulled the finger back and said, “Turn.” Obediently, she turned. His hands stopped her, stroked her back and ass, her inner thighs. “Barely any marks left,” he said, sounding a bit disappointed. “Just a bit here,” and he stroked her sit spots, where she was still a bit tender.

Then he turned her to face him again, let her put her arms down. She had forgotten the bra, sent her back for it. When she returned, she saw that he was holding a light purple braided collar. There was a pendant attached to the front of it.

“I made this,” he said, “for you. Look.” The rope braiding was lovely and the pendant had the letter “L” on the front. Engraved on the back, it read, “His.”

“Kind of cheesy,” he said with a grin, “But it makes the point.”

“I love it,” Sofia said.

As he placed it around her neck, Lucas said, “Wearing this collar means that for this time, while you wear it, we will behave as if you belong to me. It is not a binding commitment, and either of us can end it at will without question. But while you wear this, you belong to me and will obey me. Do you agree?”

“Yes, Sir,” said Sofia softly. “I agree to wear this collar of consideration and to obey you as if I belong to you while wearing it. I understand that either of us can end this at any time.”

Lucas nodded, smiled, “Good girl. Now, I have a dress for you too – it’s a wrap dress so I think it’ll fit.” Oh, get your bra if you want it.” Sofia did want it, and hurried back to the room to grab it.

Returning, Lucas took it from her and helped her put it on. “Now,” he said, and grabbed the dress from the closet. “Let’s try this.” It was a beautiful burgundy, very simple, with short sleeves. In the front, it came just below her knees and was longer in the back. He literally slipped it on her, tying it in two places in the front. Although it was securely closed, he showed her how easily the front could be opened if he wanted to expose her.

He had shoes for her as well. Black sandals, wedges so they would be comfortable, but still high enough that she would have to be a bit careful. She slipped them on and “Walk for me,” Lucas said.

Sofia laughed, but obeyed, walking fairly slowly into the living room, but speeding up as she got used to them.

“Very nice,” he said, and she could tell he was pleased. She walked back to him and he put his arms around her. Stroked her back and held her. She cuddled into him, giving herself over to the pleasure of his touch.

“When we get downstairs,” Lucas said, “We’re going to walk through and just make sure everything’s going smoothly. Then I have a short meeting with a couple of people. It’s about a project I’ve been working on, and actually, I want you to be involved at some point. But not tonight. Tonight, I want you to listen quietly. I want you to be fully present, attentive, and respectful. Any questions?”

“No, Sir,” Sofia said, still feeling very soft and submissive.

“When you sit down,” he continued, “You might want to lift your skirt so you don’t end up with a wet spot,” and he grinned.

“Oh! Oh – um, oh, yes, Sir, I guess you’re right… but the chair…”

He laughed. “That’s why the seats are that fake leather, plastic really, so they clean easily.”

“Oh my – Lucas,” she said, “Really, I’m going to feel like I’m living The Story of O!” She shivered, excited and afraid. She wanted to say more, she wanted him to assure her that he wasn’t going to whip her or give her to other men. But she couldn’t find the words. So she assured herself, “he won’t do that,” hoping she was right.

He kissed her head. “Come on, let’s go do this.”

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    • Thanks, Roz, so glad youโ€™re still enjoying it! And I appreciate that you liked how I describe cock worship! It is always good to know that someone โ€œgets it.โ€ ๐Ÿ’œ


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