Connections – Part II {15}

Lucas fed himself first, at least the first bite, then alternated that with offering Sofia bites, giving her plenty of time to chew each one. He offered her water and small sips of wine, and tipped the glass just the right amount, most of the time anyhow. When a bit of water ran over, he dabbed at it with a napkin, since she was not allowed to use her hands, just stopping it before it ran down her chin.

Sofia found herself focused completely on this process of eating, and the taste of the food as she received each bite from him. She savored the delicate fish, mashed potatoes, and green beans – a very simple meal, but well-prepared, complimented by sips of the light, dry white wine.

When they had finished eating, Lucas stroked her cheek gently. “Let’s do a check-in,” he said. “On a scale of 1-10, how submissive are you feeling right now?

Sofia considered. She felt submissive enough that it was hard to measure – what did it feel like not to be submissive? On the other hand, she wouldn’t let him brand her, or even get a tattoo right this minute. Finally, “An eight,” she said, “Maybe eight and a half.”

Still stroking her cheek, Lucas nodded. “I won’t ask you to make any decisions then,” he said. “It’s about 8:30 now, the play party is just getting started. I need to go back downstairs for a little bit. I want to take you with me. Do you have feelings about that one way or the other?”

Sofia smiled, “I’d be happy to come with you, Sir.”

“Good girl,” he said. “Would you like to wear clothes?” His eyes were laughing, but Sofia’s heart thudded, omg, and –

“Yes, Sir! Yes, please, Sir,” she said, appalled at the idea of going to the party naked. Yes, she knew that people did that, but – oh, please, no…

When she saw Lucas smile, she knew he had been toying with her and she breathed a big sigh of relief. “Meanie,” she said, almost under her breath, but his hand in her hair instantly made her regret that.

“Meanie??” he said, using her hair to tilt her face toward him, “Is that what you just said?”

He sounded so stern, and she couldn’t tell how serious he was, her heart was pounding as she stammered, “Yes, um, yes, Sir, I guess I might have accidentally said that. I was really just kidding, of course you’re not mean, but I’m sorry now and I won’t say that again, Sir.”

The hand in her hair loosened, he leaned over and kissed her forehead, smiled. “Good girl. But let’s start off as we mean to go on – there’s a penalty for talking to your Sir that way. Over my knee, please.”

It took her a moment to stand, because I’m old, she thought, and then he sent her to the bathroom first, which she appreciated a lot. Returning, prepared for her spanking, she felt such a swirl of feelings, she could barely sort through them.

Bending over his knee, always humiliating and awkward, she thought.

His hand stroked her ass and she felt a twinge from the first spanking. But his hand felt lovely. Fingers between her thighs made her wriggle with desire, but they didn’t linger.

“What are you supposed to call me?” he asked.

“Sir!” she said, trying to raise her head.

“Yes. Or Master is also acceptable.” His hand lifted and fell, moving from one cheek to the other. Then, “Do you call your Sir ‘Meanie?'”

“No, no, Sir,” she said. Those first swats had subdued her, Lucas noticed, she was not raising her head to speak. His hand lifted and fell again, and again. She didn’t try to keep count, just accepted them.

“And then you said you accidentally called me ‘Meanie,’ – is that right?” She thought she could hear amusement in his voice then, but she felt a bit ridiculous as she replied, “Yes, Sir, I did that.”

More smacks, on her sit spots this time, making her squirm. He was not hitting her that hard, she knew that, but it was still painful and she was well aware that this was a punishment.

He paused, fingers roaming between her thighs again so they were both acutely aware of how turned on she was.

“Is it funny to call me mean?” he asked, and she felt tears well up,

“No, no, Sir, not funny at all.” She had reached a new level of submission, where she could feel the disrespect in her approach, where it did seem truly wrong to call him mean. And if he wanted her to go the party naked, then that was within his rights, and of course she would obey.

Over his knee in that moment, she had forgotten the whole concept of consent. Her own wishes had disappeared in a wave of longing to please him.

His hand rubbed her ass, which was red and hot to the touch. “When you are in submissive space,” he said, “There are rules and expectations. That’s important to remember. When you have agreed to submit, I expect you to be fully present, attentive, and respectful. When you’re not, I will punish you, immediately, whenever possible.”

“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir,” Sofia said, honestly feeling grateful for the correction. This was the path she wanted to be on, and his quick response made her feel confident that he would hold her accountable.

“I’m going to give you 10 more with the ruler, right here,” he said, rubbing her tender sit spot. “Open your thighs a bit more, there you go.” That exposed her pussy and she knew this was going to hurt.

It did hurt, even more than she expected, and she cried out as the first blow landed. “Repeat after me,” Lucas said, as the pain rippled out and fell away. “I will call you Sir or Master.”

“I will call you Sir or Master,” Sofia said quickly, with some enthusiasm.

The ruler landed again, crossing the first blow, stinging even more and Sofia whimpered. “What do you call me?” asked Lucas.

“Sir or Master!” Sofia cried, wishing she could rub her ass.

The next lick landed across her upper thighs, and she cried out again. This time he didn’t need to prompt her. “I will call you Sir or Master,” she said quickly.

The punishment continued, he alternated between her sit spot and upper thighs and she was almost crying by the time he finished, but still repeating the correct way to name him. Still grateful that he was keeping her in her place.

When he had finished he rubbed her ass, and stroked her throbbing pussy a bit before he let her up. He let her kneel in front of him. She realized with a bit of surprise that she wanted to caress him with her mouth. Wanted to quite a lot. In fact, her longing to please him in that way was stronger than her own desire to come, which, she thought wryly, was pretty damn strong.

Looking up at him, she said, “I’m sorry, Sir, that I called you a name. Thank you for correcting me.” He smiled and touched her face gently.

“Good girl,” he said. “It’s over, all is forgiven.”

“Sir,” she said, feeling brave, “could I…” she had thought she was going to say “suck your cock,” but the words didn’t come out. She tried again, “Could I – I’d like to – ” He was watching her, his head tilted to one side, curious. She changed approaches to “May I please… would you like for me to -” and finally was able to say, “Use my mouth to please you?” with a nod at his crotch.

He stroked her hair, “Yes,” he said, “you may, but just a little bit. And you need to follow instructions. Can you do that?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, eagerly.

He undid his pants, released his cock, which was already hard. Let her move forward so that she was leaning in between his legs, her mouth poised over his cock.

“Open your mouth,” he said. “Wait. Stay right there, wait.” He was holding his cock, stroking it a bit. Her mouth hovered over it, within an inch or two. She could see a drop glistening on the head and wanted to lick it. But, “Wait,” he said again, “Stay, that’s right, keep your mouth open. Good girl.”

She waited, obediently.

“When I tell you to start,” he said, “You may put your mouth on it, licking and kissing the head only. Wait til I say start.” She waited, eagerly. Finally, “Start,” he said.

Then it was her turn to take her time, touching him with just the tip of her tongue first, tracing delicately around the head, blowing on it gently. Then she used the flat of her tongue, licking all around as if it were an ice cream cone, savoring the texture, the taste. She glanced up at him, knew that he was enjoying this. She paused, opened her mouth a moment and then asked, “May I?”

“Yes,” he said, and it was almost a moan. Her mouth was wet and hot as she took his cock in, and he did moan as her lips closed around the head. Swirling her tongue around, she felt him lean back in the chair, giving himself over to the pleasure.

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