Guess Whose Birthday It Is!

Yes!!  It’s Elvis’ birthday!!



And here’s me today:Hard working

Well, kind of anyhow.

I’m still celebrating the King’s birthday, but I”m not wearing a sliver lame cape in honor of it – thanks for that suggestion though, David, the image is lingering with me…  But look at that Pretty Boy face.


For some reason, Elvis always makes me think of Muhammad Ali.  I’m not sure why exactly except they were both larger than life, both were drafted in the army, and in some ways their fame was even bigger than they were.   The King.  The Greatest.  They were both pretty and that was part of their schtick.  They both changed the world with their gifts, and both had some difficult lives.

Muhammad Ali poses with gloves in this undated portrait.


They had so many things in common, but were so different in other ways.  Their responses to being drafted, for example.   They were both heroes of their era and their lives ended in radically different ways.

If I had more time, it would be fun to think more about the similarities and the differences.  But —-


Gotta go.  Back later…

PS OMG yall, I used Who’s instead of Whose in the title.  Take that as an indication of how crazed I am.  {Slinks off quietly…}

Ok and many other errors, thank you, David.  All fixed now.  Feel free to continue letting me know what I need to edit.  Although.  I am trying to be a recovering perfectionist, not a grammar/spelling perfectionist.

12 thoughts on “Guess Whose Birthday It Is!

    • Dear Jz, Ummmm. Ummmm. Well, not if you’re writing a paper. Or a book. But I’ve gotten text messages with a typo I didn’t even notice and then a big apology cause it said “they” instead of “the.” We all speak typoese, at least most of us do. Thank goodness!

      And yes, this might be a bit of a change for me. I feel a little like I’m on shaky ground. But still…


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