Tonight 1-8

I traveled today.  I’m in a different state, 1,000 miles from home.  I got a lot of work done while I was traveling, had dinner with some co-workers here where we talked about work stuff and then personal lives.   The food was lovely, and we laughed and shared some good moments.

I got back to my hotel just a few minutes late for the class I’m taking.  Joined the class (on-line) and listened to some interesting material, participated in some discussion.  Nibbled on some dark chocolate with acai & blueberry flavors.  Had a cup of tea – Egyptian licorice.

After class, I took a hot bath and sipped a glass of red wine, lit the scented candle that jade gave me.  Put on my favorite nightgown – burgundy, some kind of soft material, like a slip, with a bit of lace.  Added my favorite silky robe.  About ready to have one more cup of tea before I brush my teeth and go to bed.

In this moment, it feels like I am so fortunate to have this life that I can’t imagine complaining about anything.


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