i saw this on FB yesterday and was intrigued.  i think it might be helpful for me to answer these questions (even though i also think i might just be putting off actually doing anything different.)

i can’t find the article now, or i would post a link to it.  But here’s the part that struck me.  i’ve added some quick, off the top of my head, thoughts too.

The Speed of Change

Anything you want to change about yourself has a process that determines the time it will take.

1. Identify what you want to change: The challenging objective.

i’m not sure what i want to change, exactly.  Maybe that’s part of the problem?  i’m not clear enough with myself?  It has to do with wanting to be more focused on taking initiative and driving my own agenda rather than being responsive to others.  Which sounds very unsubmissive, doesn’t it?  But it encompasses a bunch of more specific changes, it includes things like exercising more and losing weight, but is absolutely not limited to that.

2. Who taught you to think or be what you want to change? The cultural editors.

Um, pretty much my whole culture.  Feels like everyone.

3. Who will you have to disappoint when you change? The coauthors.

Specifically?  MP.  Everyone who counts on me to be there for them.  Ok, that’s not fact-based.  But that’s what it feels like. 

4. What benefits will you have to give up if you change: The hidden power that no longer serves you well.

Oh, hmmmm.  i may have to give up my image of myself as someone who’s unstructured and able to follow whatever path presents itself.  Be less of a wanderer.  Probably other stuff too.

5. With whom do you need to share your change? Your subculture of wellness.

Ok, this is about finding allies to support me in this change.  i guess that would be you for right now.  

6. What will be your new source of power when you change? Releasing helplessness to replace with empowerment.

i have no idea.  No, seriously, i’m not even sure what this means.

7. How will you accept the benefits from the change? Your worthiness to embrace good fortune when it comes your way.

No clue.  i mean, i know what the words mean, but i have no idea how it applies to me.

These steps require equal amounts of patience and courage. Both will come when you decide you’re worthy to live your excellence. A gift that has always been with you, hidden by the fear to be the best you suspect you can be.

Enjoy the time travel.


The MindBody Code

Ok, hold on to your hats, here we go…

{And no, i haven’t forgotten the story i started yesterday.  i’ll be back.}

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