All Work…

…and no play makes Jill a dull girl.  Makes me a dull girl.

i imagine…

…i catch the van to the Center each time – well, there isn’t really another way to get to the part i go to.  You have to be blindfolded, and it would be hard to drive that way.  They have an arrangement with a parking lot in town, and it’s ok to leave my car there, even when i go for a week.

But i just have a long weekend this time.  Friday afternoon to Monday evening to get my shit together and find my rightful spot in the universe again.  Jon is not coming with me this time.  He has papers to grade and we both need some alone time anyhow.

“Hey, Jamie,” i greet the driver as i climb on the van.  i have a backpack with me, no suitcase necessary.  There are several people already seated, waiting, but no one i know. “Am i the last one?” i ask.

“No,” he says, “we’ve got one more person scheduled for this run.”

i settle into my seat with a sigh.  i don’t mind waiting, but i’m ready to be on the way.  The blindfold is dangling in its usual place on the back of the seat in front of me, and i fiddle with it.  i’ll wait until Jamie says it’s time before i put it on, but i’m looking forward to relaxing into the darkness on the drive…

That’s the beginning of my fantasy.  It’s half written already in my head, i just need to put it on paper.  {Laughs hysterically because that’s what every wanna be writer says…}



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