Submission at the Tower – Book review

i just discovered Felicity Brandon.  Maybe youall have all already read her.  (Isn’t that a fun sentence?)  i’ve only read one of her books – Submission at the Tower:  The Depths of Desire. So far.

i loved it.

The Tower is a mysterious place where you can go to get trained in submission (one of my favorite fantasies.)  Janie McCluskey is invited there by a mysterious stranger.  In a scene reminiscent of Story of O, she knocks on the door and waits to be taken in.  Unlike O, she is required to consent to an audition.  i really like that she is asked for her consent more than once.

The audition has many of my favorite elements.  Lots of exposure, humiliation, spanking, and arousal.  AND she and the man who is chosen to be her guide through the experience develop an emotional connection, which is what really keeps her consenting to the experience.

It is more intense and has less plot than the Masters of the Castle series.  But Janie’s descriptions of how she feels about what she experiences feel true, at least to a submissive woman who hasn’t been there in a long time.  It’s a fun read, and it has the potential to be an introduction to characters with more depth.

Felicity Brandon has quite a few other books, and i imagine i’ll be reading more of them.



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